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Adelaide Marcus  ~painter ~mermaid~ belly dancer ~fire eater ~snake charmer ~model ~muse ~visionary ~I AM ART~

Masoko likes to soak in the most awesome ways some days!! Have had this big boy for 11 years. My muse, my dance partner, my pet, my teacher my SPIRIT animal

Been having fun with videos lately... u notice!? Here's a small nibble of tonights #bellydanceclass
With @freesoulful @guilty.bystander @jensciuto @samantha.joy4 @scarletcheckers (tho hidden lol) and more.
The more #shimmies the merrier!!!

Many people think of belly dance as a great way to get in shape or a dance aimed at being sexy. Though both of these are true, they are merely side affects that sprout from the deep root of it's history. Belly Dance is a rite of passage, celebrating (through embodiment) each chapter of a wombans life. It was passed down from mother to daughter after a girl received her first period. This prepared the girls body for sex and the ability to be fertile, honoring a new cycle of life. Belly dance helps the hips drop and massages the internal organs and uterus all which Play a big role in easing menstral cramps and in the process of getting and being pregnant. Further more dancing through pregnancy AND while giving birth pre-dates Lamaze and is one of the best ways to prevent stretch marks because it encourages the elasticity of the skin throughout the process. Remember or skin is our largest organ. Wow.... Seriously tho I can go on (and on) about this topic!! But I'll end by giving a big thank you to momma-to-be Emily. I'm always to happy when I get students continue throughout their pregnany. It's my opportunity to continue a Lil bit of history, and more importantly celebrate this incredible rite of passage from maidenhood to motherhood.

If u have a friend who's pregnant or in the process of trying/becoming tag them;)

Here is a fun #DIY idea I, well, did myself... This is kinda like a vision board that u can hang on the wall but the pin lines allow u to change up the messages (or pictures) if you want to keep it evolving (with you). I made this a couple years ago when I was pretty sick (mentally and physically). I've kept it in the spare room but recently brought it into my bedroom where I can actually see it. It's All still so relevent. What A great window into what matters most! If your feeling #creative all you need is an old frame, wire, plyers, clothes pins, back ground fabric and staple gun (optional), paper or pics and your #aspirations !!!

This post is pretty straight forward(: #<;3 ...sending warm and cozy love to everyone who has touched my life, to those who inspire me, to those I inspire and those who I don't know but are feeling cold.
#carebear #love #warmth

So so happy lucky caring bear ninjas take #comiccon

I am infinite...

Getting #lit at @elkayoga studio after audience is nicely primed with cacao and vinyasa. #playwithfire #onelove #shakeit

#shimmyshimmy for days. Just finished teaching a private but I can't/won't stop. #bellydanceaddict
Track by @davidstarfire

Shimmy Sisters back in action. We lost a few shimmy-ing belts before the photo. But needless to say our @trilogysanctuary workshop was a success!!! Everyone left with a new combo under their coin belt. Want to know when next one is? Pm me!!!

TONIGHT'S #bellydance #workshop theme is CONNECTION. Expect a challenging yet equally fun and playful class! 7p @trilogysanctuary

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