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Adelaide Marcus  ~painter ~mermaid~ belly dancer ~fire eater ~snake charmer ~model ~muse ~visionary ~I AM ART~

Last night after getting all the pieces together I finally soaked my bones under the stars.
The experience came on quite differently than one would expect. As soon as I fully laid into the moment my anxieties filled the water. I realize that by constantly problem-solving (which I tend to do a lot of... especially during a remodel) I give my mind something to do... Something OTHER than actually processing the multitude of emotions I carry around with me. It's when I stop that the atmosphere is empty enough for this type of energy to fill the stage.
In re- realizing this I turn my anxiety into my teacher. .
I felt so small under the vast night sky. A little ant wrapped up in insignificant worries and meaningless monkey chatter. I am but a child of #pachamama yet a mother to myself. I began to ask questions. The first one that popped up was weather I even deserved to simply relax in such a gorgeous space. I created this space but enjoying it seemed to be a different kind of difficult. The question has brought forth new insight.
Perhaps this bath is my new guru and the stars its disciples.
It certainly is an alter to me.
#RealShare inspired by @reneeairya #blessings to you all... all that you create... and all that you fill.

#decktub #clawfoot #bath #soaking #teaching #sharing #wondering #vulnerability #paradise

In the darkness of the night.... you get but a glimpse of my (new) life.
#drizzlyday #cracklingfire #divine #simplicity... yet #limitless like the #nightsky. All the #elements come together to keep a #fire #burning bright.

There is a thin line between hording and being #resourceful .
But all the #littlethings are finding there "perfect" place.
I still have so many lil #trinkets AND lots of landscaping to do. It's fun to find homes for the shiny rocks, sexy succulents and widse acorns #elflings. .
I hope u are #enjoying seeing this creative #haven come together!? Want to see more? Like this pic to let me know.
#gardening #planting #decorating #being #observing #doing .... #alloftheabove

Judging by his #bodylanguage I'd say Gorge likes it here!

This week I will at last #burn the boxes that I have spent the last month unpacking. This will be a great excuse to stare into the #fire and #reflect on the #impermanence of it all.
If there is anything you would like me to write down and burn along side "my stuff" I would be honored. Feel free to leave ur " sentence of #release " in the comments or PM me.
The stars will be our witnessssss.

It's the #LittleThings that make the #BigPicture come together so #beautifully .
Thank you @baca.juana for this #succulent #wall #heart !!!

I'm officially a #mountaingirl ! I have shovel blisters on my hands, I'm driving one of these toys to collect dirt for my plants and I even bought beer after years of not drinking beer...honestly I couldn't believe there was a gluten free option in the nearest small town. Big changes tend to be challenging but the nature around me reminds me that indeed change is the most #natural part of life.
I am loving the #newness of it all and how it somehow is also so familiar.
#gratitude #springtime #plantingseeds #mamasita #bosslady of #service

When I was 13 I went to my share of bar and bar mitzvahs. I would always wonder how people had the self will to sit while music played. As soon as the DJ started I just HAD to dance.
Now I realize that people likely wondered how I had the " #confidence " to just #dance..."like no one's watching" as they say.
For me it always took more energy to contain the expression than to #justdance.
I like to dance...So I dance
Could u imagine if it were always that simple? .
I dance when "everyone's" watching.
I dance when noone is.
I dance and I get paid.
I dance when I'm "off".
I dance when I'm teaching.
And I come back to dance when I'm ready to learn.
I suppose I still dance because it would be harder to supress the desire than to just let it move through me.
What might you be suppressing that is taking up more #energy than just letting it happen?
What would you like to be doing JUST
Because u simply like doing it?
#express don't #repress #letitbe #motivate #flow #fanveil #dreamy #sunset ...Photo from #envision festival back in #theday

I had a dream the other night that I was late for a "miss giggles" gig and I was stressing because I couldn't find my costume. I missed my alarm that morning and woke up anxious. I had overslept by 3 hours. I was mad at myself and almost punished myself by saying I shouldn't go into town for ecstatic dance. Later, I recalled the dream in the shower I reflected upon the make believe parameters we put around ourselves. In the past missing my alarm would likely make me late for a class or a meeting but at this time...that wasn't relevent. "Late?".... I now question... The nueronic knots have begun to untangle a bit.
Funny how I spent my entire day feeling "behind" when in reality... I was late for nothing at all.
Funny how we chose to build walls to confine our "logic" and define standards.
So funny.. That I might just have to find my Miss Giggles outfit and have a giggle about it. ... oh dreamz....
#clown #sage #mystic #human

If we are afraid to look at our naked truth, how will we ever expect the world to stop and smell the Roses?

Wouldn't we proceed to exsist even if we didn't identify with anything?
I ask myself and scarily cling on while simultaneously holding the desire to let go.
It's so easy to tell myself what I need to do
..yet as I walk toward the cliff of vast stars my deepest fears reveal themselves.
What if I let go and nothing matters anymore? What if I never come back? Will I fall and disconnect or fly and be free!? Its only me that can walk into this galaxy of the unknown... and so I walk beside myself.
Learning to be with and listen to even the darkest sides of myself because it's those parts that are closest to the night sky and always seemingly blinding by days light. .
How is it possible to lose oneself?
I wonder if we ever really could.
I am not my hair.

Photo credit: @wizardvisions
#iamnotmyhair #release into the #void

I am officially an educator on #DominationUniversity !! What does this mean?
Check out Episode 6 on #Art #BellyDance and #Sisterhood

@Francesca got me days before my move. We literally interviewed in my living room while it was full of boxes. That said she captured a unique moment in time and I can hear it in my voice. I hope you listen as well. You can easily enjoy while cooking a meal, cleaning, or re-painting cabinets for the 3rd time;) I am honored to be a part of the #tribe of sisterhood and #selfempowerment by sharing my #perspectives on #creativity, #bodycontrol#lifeforce #energy and much more.
Cheers to a #worldwide journey with #Love and #Courage!
P.s. As I get more settled into my cabin, I am opening up to more podcast interviews. In June I will have the capacity to dive back into sharing more be it tangible #how-to's , #lifeexperience, #entrepreneurial ventures, #artor #philosophy .... let me know if you run a #podcast, show or program where this would be a good fit:) Photo credit @akira chan at #whitesands

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