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“Westerly Windina” aka Peter Drouyn Australia surfing legend posing for the camera Dee Why Point, NSW, Australia,1978 will the real Peter Drouyn please stand up?

Long time North Shore Big wave surfer Charlie Walker with his prized Dick Brewer balsa gun, Sunset Point, 1994, for Surfer Magazine

The fearless Hawaiian tube rider Marvin Foster showing off his backside talent of always being relaxed in tight situations, Off The Wall, 1998

Herbie Fletcher blowing up after shaping a three stringer surfboard for Takuji Masuda’s Yuzan Fine Art Project, in Japan, 2001

No stress, a stylish Hawaiian Style stall setting up for the inside section at Sunset Beach, Reno Abellira, late 1980’s.

Shane Dorian this is part of the series of surfers and their hero’s, with the late great Todd Chesser being one of Shane’s hero’s. The tattoo reads “in loving memory” Todd Chesser, Rockpile, North Shore, Hawaii, 1998 for Surfer Magazine

John John Florence performing what the old guys call “kids stuff” on a trip to Indonesia with an all star crew of Herbie and Nathan Fletcher, Bruce Irons, Danny Fuller and Matt Archbold in Indonesia, 2009

Local Boy, Wayne Lynch playing on a small inside section at Winki Pop around the corner from Bells Beach 1978

Hanging out between surf sessions with the legendary Wayne Lynch on the beach at Narrabeen NSW, Australia, 1978, that’s Surfer Magazines 1000 mm Century lens in the background that had been handed down to me from Ron Stoner then it went from me to Jeff Divine and back to me that year.

The hard working musician and song writer perched on the bow of The Mangalui, Donavan Frankenreiter between gigs and surf sessions off the grid deep in Indonesia, 2001

Hawaiian strong man and style master Dane Kealoha on the high line on near perfect Honolua Bay, Maui, 1988, on one of those trips to get on the first flight in the morning from Oahu to get the waves before the crowd.

1989 World Champion of Surfing Martin Potter showing how he really feels on the beach at Banazi Pipeline, 1990, for Surfer Magazine, I’m not sure if this was ever published?

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