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Art Basel  #ArtBasel stages world-leading shows in Basel, Miami Beach & Hong Kong, and recently launched #ArtBaselCities. — Up next | Miami Beach: December 6-9

#ZinaSaroWiwa, ‘Table Manners: Season 1’, 2014 - 2016, video still via @Tiwani_Contemporary | Nova 2018 #artbasel

#JoyceJScott, ‘Face’, 1970s (detail), wool via @PeterBlumGallery | Survey 2018 #artbasel

A visitor spinning @Eduardo_T_Basualdo’s revolving door at the edge of a 2,624-foot-long fishing pier in Buenos Aires is this week’s #artbasel Instagram. The kinetic sculpture was part of Basualdo’s site-specific installation for ‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’, on view during #ArtBaselCities Week.

Thanks for sharing, @SoledadAC! #EduardoBasualdo

#DerekFordjour, ‘No. 48’, 2018, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel & foil on newspaper mounted on canvas via @_JoshLilley | Nova 2018 #artbasel

#LuigiOntani, ‘OBL’io’, 1997, photograph with hand-applied watercolor & golden frame via @GalleriaLorCanoneill | Nova 2018 #artbasel

#MahaMalluh, ‘Food for Thought’, 2018, welded Chinco dish tower, approximate dimensions: 5 x 3 x 1 ft via @SelmaFerianiGallery | Nova 2018 #artbasel

#FredTomaselli, ‘Untitled’, 2018, leaves, photo-collage, acrylic & resin on wood panel via @JamesCohanGallery | Galleries 2018 #artbasel

An installation view of #FedericoHerrero's (@crelazer) ‘Landscape with Circles’ is this week’s #artbasel Instagram. This interactive sculpture aimed at altering the viewer’s perception of space was presented in the 2015 Unlimited sector by @_Monclova, @SiesHoeke & @GaleriaLuisaStrina. Thanks for sharing, @IrwanPean!

#AlLoving, ‘Untitled,’ 1982, mixed media on canvas via @GarthGreenanGallery | Galleries 2018 #artbasel
🎟 Coming to the Miami Beach show, December 6-9? Tickets are now available via our online shop. (link in bio)

‘Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind’, 1972
8-hour, overnight multimedia installation for planetarium theater
Dimensions variable
Planetario Galileo Galilei
On view Thursday, September 12-Saturday, September 8
'Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind' screened 3 times at the @PlanetarioBA during Art Basel Cities Week. The 8-hour multimedia installation that doubles as a dream lab, is meant to be experienced collectively through various sleep cycles. The present iteration of ‘Cine Dreams’ includes 25 simultaneous projections & functions as an experiment in altering the audience’s subconscious through image immersion. During the screenings, a live feed of ‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’ audience members and images of the #BuenosAires night sky were woven into the work as it played. #ArtBaselCities

‘Eternity’, 2018
Site-specific installation
Various materials and dimensions
Plaza Sicilia
On view through September 12
@MaurizioCattelan, known for satirical sculptures that often deal with life & death, presents ‘Eternity’, a collective project made possible by the participation of dozens of members of the Argentine public, who were invited to contribute through an open call. Art students and artists were asked to create pan-religious tombstones for people who are still living, be they friends, lovers, heroes, or fictional characters. Occupying an area within #BuenosAires’s Palermo Park to create an uncanny landscape, the work not only questions why we commemorate the dead as we do, but also gives credence to the superstition that representing a death could prolong the life of the living. #ArtBaselCities
Video by @BemerGustavo

‘Gaby’s T-Shirt’, 2016
Approximately 300 secondhand T-shirts
10 ft x 111 ft
Ex Cervecería Munich
On view through September 12
‘Gaby’s T-Shirt‘ is an interactive artwork made out of secondhand T-shirts by @PiaCamil, installed in the ground floor of the former Cervecería Munich. The T-shirts, originally produced in different countries across Latin America, were exported to the US and later junked and resold in flea markets such as the one in Iztapalapa in Mexico City, where Camil found the shirts seen here. Working with Mexican seamstresses, Camil assembled these discarded garments into a dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtain that reclaims the democracy of her materials: viewers can touch, enter, open, and close the work. By transforming these castoff goods into a work of art, Camil reflects on the direction of economic colonization. #ArtBaselCities

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