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We are ONE WEEK AWAY from my next #LetsDoItTogether party! This time we’re crafting for a great cause to support @meemsonamission as she raises money to travel to 11 countries for 11 months, spreading the love of Jesus as a missionary! Register today!!! We’re going to have sooo much fun, so #LetsDoItTogether!

Helllloooo 29! Y’all I am so excited for what’s to come this year! For the past few years I have been strug-gul-ling! Honestly… I am a CREATIVE being but I have such a hard time pushing myself OUT THERE…. (you’re an actress Artanza, get over yourself!) Lol! No seriously, this year I’m owning ALL that I am growing into!
Yes, I love to act and CREATE characters and stories that move people.

However, I also love working with people to HELP MAKE VISIONS VISUAL! Whether its graphic and web design, WEDDING BRANDING, hosting “LET’S DO IT TOGETHER” craft parties, BALLOON ARCHES….WHATEVER YOUR VISION IS, God has gifted me with the gifts to help it come to life and ultimately give Him Glory! (Praise Hands) So stop by and share your vision with me at!

Sooo hellllo 29 …. Let’s Do This Together!

😩Today my little baby turns TWO YEARS OLD......WHAT?!? My goodness how time flies! She is blossoming so fast! Yesterday, we partied like “It’s SHER-BERT Day!!” Here’s a little highlight! #ForveverCarys

Special thanks to my Mema, Aunties and cousins for allllllll your help and my She-Ster @sheliahwilliams for jumping in and taking these beautiful pics!

Soooo...let’s chat about last night! Last night I hosted my first “Let’s Do It Together” party for my Auntie @drjgrif ’s birthday! Something I’ve been thinking about, but was lovingly-strongly-encouragingly-pushed to do! Lol! And PRAISE GOD we did it! Here’s a little highlight of the night! “You don’t always have to Do It Yourself, Lets Do It Together!”😉

#tbt Throwback to a WHOLE 2 weeks ago when we went to Essence! 🙋🏽‍♀️#GirlsTrip #LatePost #KTSEAllllllWeekend #WhatStraps #MeetWhoMama 😂😂😂😂

Well Done My Love! @dolly_blossoms

YOU my darling @dolly_blossoms , will NEVER be forgotten. We have truly watched you BLOSSOM before our very eyes. The smartest and the youngest, yet WE looked up to YOU, admired your spirit, your drive and zeal to live your BEST LIFE! As we lay to rest today, we rest assured that God does all things well, and that His timing is perfect. We know that you are HOME! We LOVE YOU Dolupes, Dami, our Baby! #Shorter201

.....I have no words. Mercer fam.... @dolly_blossoms passed yesterday. My head and my heart are hurting. It just doesn’t make sense....

I had to share this convo with Auntie Joannie! My baby is growing up so fast! She is too smart! #20Months #ForeverCarys

Picture Day was a success this time! I was a little worried at first! (See video) My Poot did a great job! #Carys #19Months #ForeverCarys #LittleMissDenson


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