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Brace yourself a for another ‘when I moved to New York story’ lol (sorry not sorry) 👻
@brooklyntomars was the very first ZINE I ever read. I was working at a feminist bookstore in East Village called @bluestockingsnyc at the time. They sold all different kinds of self published books made by artists, photographers, writers and poets. ‘Zines’ were all around the city, literally and historically speaking.
I bought Brooklyn to Mars as a gift for a friend (thinking they would love it) but the choose-your-own-career posi affirmations, and cliche-self helpy ‘who cares if you fail’ and ‘do what you love’ calls to action actually terrified them. They gave it back... I didn’t think to read it before, but obviously had to investigate then, and it completely changed my perspective.
NYC was overwhelming and so so creative - the ‘elevator pitching’ was severe, and confronting, but that book put it all into context and helped me understand, admire and eventually seek out that creative energy and make it my own - -
SO in a way ~ zines ~ changed my life. (🧀🧀🧀) Our panel discussion about zines is tonight! Join me with @nakatekakembo @reneeleah @frances_cannon & @grillzoid on Level 3 of Curtin House @metropolisbookshop. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Design by: playonplay_studio - 💋

#BrookAndrew @sydneycontemporary 2018 - read my reflection on #AcclaimMagazine - Linked in BIO X

Bbs I’m moderating a panel next week about zines and self-publishing @metropolisbookshop, and will be speaking to the ultra talented @frances_cannon, Eloise Grills @grillzoid, @nakatekakembo & @reneeleah (of Soft Zine), about their first zines and thoughts on how to approach the medium - as independent/emerging creatives tryna make it out here!
Curated by me, with Kay Stavrou, Alexander Salpietro & Thomas Thompson.
Thanks to:
Metropolis Bookshop for having us and always @playonplay_studio for design!
6-8PM Level 3, 252 Swanston Street

Come for 🥂🍹🍸🍾 @rooftopbar afterwards xxx

Bb in the NZ Herald today (@nzherald) with 😍😍😍 if you haven’t yet go have a lewk in my bio for some fab undiess 🔥🔥🔥 ty @yungkeeks___ &
@lekklekklekk for gorgi 📸

“China and what we understand as China is as linguistically and culturally diverse as Europe. You wouldn’t go up to a French person and ask do you speak European, right? They would say, no it’s very different. China is the same, it is such a complex place geographically. Obviously why that is, is because it is one country, and not several, but there are even nuances within that, with Hong Kong and Taiwan. So going back to that idea of authenticity; people saying ‘Oh that is not the right spelling or that is not the right tense to use’, when an artist uses English as a text in slang, or using crass words, or different spelling; no one is pulling them up for it. When something is multicultural it has to be perfect.” Words with Jason Phu @titsmcgee66 about art, storytelling & marinating ideas, up on #artworkr ✨✨✨ Read it in my bio ~~~ Photo: @documentphotography

This is me, as a BB in Chelsea, before I had an exhibition of small pink drawings in a group show at @georgebillisgallery ——There is bodega beer in my cup 💅🏽 📸 by @justintoby

Me: I can imagine that working for yourself would be a huge liberation... So where did it start for you—which one was your first job?

Lillian: While I was in PR I started DJing. Which wasn’t because I was interested in music, I was just
under the impression that I need a hobby and something to distract me from work. I felt terrible about my situation when PR was all I was doing, so DJing was more like a manifestation of me wanting something else to focus on. So content creating was what came next. I'm a chronic fixer. I’m always thinking let's fix this, lets elevate, let's up-skill. ✨✨✨Words with this wise angel: @flex.mami ✨✨✨ @hotchickswithbigbrains #hcwbb Issue #7 📸 @lekklekklekk

Bbs! I’m in this issue of @hotchickswithbigbrains chatting to my idol @flex.mami about how to ~ make it ~ doing every creative thing under the sun. Shot by @lekklekklekk in our matching business wear - can’t wait to see right?? Pick one up online or at @readingsbooks (Carlton) this week 💸💸💸— so stoked to be smart and hot on paper lol xxxx

Some product placement and me in my winter caucasity 👻📸 @embermaree

#allisonzuckerman 💍💍💍💍💥💥💥

When I was a Cont3mporary painteré x

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