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No. 105 - Chè
SWIPE ➡ To see my process. Took a more graphic approach on this one, as I left the Linework uncovered to keep that 'drawn' feel.
*1. Final render (Detail, Shadow, Highlights)
*2. Flat/Base Colours
*3. Cleaned up Linework
*4. Rough Sketch
Contemplating whether I should do this type of graphic style more regularly, what do you think?

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Reupload of a previous post, as it clashed with my feed aesthetic before. This one is intended as more of a light study piece.
-COMMENT what you think of it, feel free to spam that comment section👌

No. 3 - Io
Those menacing eyes...
An oldie of one of my OC's, Io, I found in the ever-expanding archives. Started learning to draw females at this point

No. 101 - Blue ll
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Getting to the artwork, I took a more painterly approach on this one when it came to the rendering, particularly the brush strokes, while still sticking to my typical approach of starting off with linework, as to not completely be out of my comfort zone, since the sketch itself acts like a guide of sorts for me to paint within. What are YOUR THOUGHTS on this style? It's subtle but noticeable nonetheless.

How are you liking the look of this one?
Epimezion Sleih
Colour version
Been on a little hiatus for a few days, as I've been busy with a side project, but I'm now back to posting regularly 👌

No. 99 - Epimezion Sleih
Inspired by my typical boyish like of larger than life superhero figures.
This (amongst others) is available as a print and other products in my storefront. Check it out if you haven't already! LINK IN BIO

No. 11 - Overlord
It's amazing what a refreshed pair of eyes and a new perspective can do for an old unfinished artwork that lacked inspiration and was just collecting (in this case) 'digital dust'. SWIPE➡️The 2nd one is the unfinished version from 2017 I believe 🤔. And the 1st is my new take on it, from this year

Colour version
Took me a while to get around to this one, as I wasn't sure what colour palette would suit it best. I like this outcome though. Thoughts are welcome!

No. 52 - Halcyon
No, I don't just draw females😂. Yes, I draw just as many male characters. I've just been sketching/drawing/painting females more in recent months in a bid to improve proportions and overall female anatomy, as I've typically drawn muscular males for most of my life. -Colour version soon to come!🎨

Re-upload of a digital pose study.
Colour was slightly off on previous version

Colour version
What's your favourite colour/combination for painting?🎨 Cyan and magenta (or similar shades) tend to be my favourite colours to make use of on my colour palette when digital painting

No. 51 - Ikaria
This is probably the first piece that signified my transition into my current high contrast phase, in which I use a lot more dark greys and blacks over a larger surface area

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