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Hugo  Deep Impression Letterpress Art Prints from byHugo pencil sketches. Artist • Designer • Printer • Renaissance Man. YYC, Copyright 2017/18

Previously unfinished due to a lack of interest, or maybe just forgetfulness. In any case there it is, one of those moments frozen in time, when you happen upon the scene - and it dissolves before you can blink. A camera would have been no use.
#letterpressartprint #squirrel #magpie #abstractart #print to come.

Growing Awareness. Within and outside, while outside of course is a lot easier. Because there it is other people doing dumb shit. While inside awareness requires an acknowledgment of our own dumb shit, which our brain presents us with a many layered defence and reason for. .
#letterpressartprint #abstractart to come.

Why, on the hottest day of the year I sketch a snow hare? That’s how the brain works, never happy with what you got! What really happened is that one of my followers does some nice single line work, and it reminded me of one of the first consciously single line sketches I did many years ago of a snow hare, so here is s new one. Besides, the other sketches I’ve got going are way too detailed for me to stay with them in one session.
#letterpressartprint #snowhare #abstractart #singleline

Don’t ask me why, throwback to a snowhare I saw midwinter 2005. Maybe just looking for simplicity after the detailed stuff I started.
#letterpressartprint with #snowhare to come.

And now for something completely different. Trying to get away from biological accuracy and yet hold on to the spirit of these guys. But it’s only the first version.
#letterpressartprint #dragonfly #wasp #abstractart

Hm, is this enough of a No? I would be dissuaded. The less is said about No, the better I think.
#letterpressartprint to come maybe.

Starting to look like Monday morning? Not a long weekend one, but more like a regular one?

Snowball in August, let’s not tempt the Calgary weather. For real, I’m sure it must have happened before!

Well, think I’m done with Yes for a bit. Good to maintain that positive, inclusive and accepting attitude while I’m scouting out the possibilities of No.
#letterpressartprint #abstractart #acceptance

In my quest for a better Yes, observed some doves on my way to our neighbourhood coffee shop. Some solutions just jump to you if you just keep your eyes (and mind) open. But then I’m not even done with this one - and I’m already asking “so what would represent the No”? Any ideas?
#letterpressartprint #abstractart #buyfrommakers #bebetter

Beauty under the dreary light of a hailstorm. Luckily protected, as I hope you are this weekend. Don’t get too crazy out there!

Here is the new Yes, well it is Yes II. Yes, the improved clarity is there, but in some rather large areas it’s gotten too simple. Yes might appear simple at first, but it is always hard won. For some reason embracing of the other, moving forward with common objectives and looking out for each other’s interest is not a first priority. Let’s change that this weekend!
#letterpressartprint #buyfrommakers #abstractart

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