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#Arsenic  A community of models and creators. - Models @arsenic - Music @arsenicaudio - Art @arsenicgallery

@prettygirlmafiaa from the Arsenic Tribe hit us up in Slack with this pic, “@ajkphotography1 is one of the new goats.” ¥

Artists @ajkphotography1 @valentinalequeux
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We have this thing called the Arsenic Tribe. Our community, our people, who come together to make Arsenic lit together. We use an app called Slack to squad up, and @tysonxphillip just slacked us: “my boy @ajh_photography out in the Bahamas with @anacheri makin waves,” so we sharing this one from @tysonxphillip ¥
Artists @ajh_photography @jordanyorn @cindyprado
Curator @tysonxphillip
Swimwear @anacheri
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@jessegolden is a model we worked with on one four first shoots. @sarahorbanicphotos is a photographer, model, and fitness influencer who we have been getting to know better and we adore.
Seeing these 2 woman come together to collaborate is beautiful. Jesse is also a wellness influencer focused on yoga. She’s author, instructor, and inspiration. She is both the woman who turns heads when she walks by as well as a mother and teacher. We’re proud of the woman of Arsenic. Their power, their intelligence, their achievements, as well as their sexiness.
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@cathlinchristina by @milianeyes for @arsenic
People come from all over the world to create with Arsenic. Models, visual artists, music artists. We’re in Mexico right now and it’s inspiring when people come up to us as fans of Arsenic. We had no sense how well known we are here. We love the culture. The energy. The beautiful settings. Mexico is in our hearts. And it’s a dream come true to collaborate with imaginative talent from around the world.
#arsenic #forever

Getting ready for Mexico like ¥
Artist @iamkatigarnett

@_missbo x @luka_metz submission
We always accept submissions because Arsenic is about being inclusive. For the people, by the people. We are launching a website in the next two weeks that will make it easier for all the artists in our community to be involved and for everyone to follow what we're up to. We have mad love for you guys

#Arsenic fam @maxinehupy dancing into the weekend like
@maxinehupy’s words: Dance is how I express myself and how I share my feelings with my audience.  It always brings an immediate sense of joy to me and I want to be able to spread that joy to those around me.  Every time I get a message saying I helped brighten someone’s day truly makes all of the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. It’s really powerful.

@elhartista in Mexico with @layulyana & @yesyponcedeleon
We’re going back to Mexico next week! 🔥🔥

(@arsenicgallery) Follow the path to art
Artist @scientwehst

@arsenicgallery follows a world of art
Artist @carlwarner5188

Nothing more dope than when your friends become friends. That’s #Arsenic
Artists @milianeyes @jessicawilde

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