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❤️ Arryn Zech & Bob Morley ❤️  💜Bob Morley & Arryn Zech defense squad💙 💝Met Bob 3/16-3/18/18, 7/28-7/29/18💝 💝Met Arryn 7/28-7/29/18💝 On this page we ❤️ 2 amazing people

So I wanted to get a tattoo to represent all that Arryn has done for me and as a thank you. I will get to show you these in person on May but I wanted to show you them now as well.
Thank you for everything you have done to help me through the rough parts of my life. I love you so much.
This tattoo is actually your bumblebee drawings that you drew on your table at Raleigh SuperCon. @arrynzech

GUESS WHO GETS TO SEE THIS BEAUTY IM MAY AGAIN’! (Also probably in March at ConAgeddom)

I still smile so bright every time I see this video

I’m so excited to see more of her awesome work!

I really hope both of these beans will be at ConAgeddon. So I can give them their gifts and not have to make Bob the messenger.

I miss her so much

Anyone who has ever said Arryn is not the cutest person ever has being lying. I love her so much @arrynzech -
The video reads “Missing my boyfriend, so I’m wearing Space all day today.”

I love a queen! @arrynzech -
Here’s to the hope that she will attend ConAgeddon with Bob & the cast and I’ll get to see her again in March for sure

These two beans have done so much to help me! I’m so sad that Redbubble took this art down cause I wanted to get a phone case of it

I can’t wait to start making Merch for her show and her in general! Arryn Zech defense squad shirt will be one of my first to make! Along with the one that says Arryn Zach & Bob Morley defense squad.

It’s been a while guys! Hi 👋🏻

I love a queen! @arrynzech hope you enjoy you’re weekend in Chicago! Have a blast for me, also get the biggest hugs you can Love.

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