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John as Barry Allen or as Jay Garrick? Such an iconic actor!
Tag him please!

Katie Cassidy or Caity Lotz as the Black Canary?!
So you guys already know by now that I’m going away for a week and @roaneyazbeck will be posting for me. She will not reply to any of your dms, she will simply post and tell you that she did. I already made the posts! Be active and yeah, love you guys!
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If you could have either a ‘Thea Queen’ spin-off show ‘Felicity Smoak: Origins’, which one would you choose? -
Wrote ‘that’ twice and I meant ‘than’ both of the times. Yes I’m stupid I know but in my defence it’s 1am. Good night :) #arrowversefacts

Why would they put a huge spoiler in the episode’s title like, I don’t understand. Something isn’t adding up. -
Someone told me yesterday that I’ve only been posting Flash related stuff and be’s right lol, sorry about that, I didn’t notice!
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{ SWIPE } Snowbarry or Westallen?
Love my (2) Flash leading ladies!
Go click the link in my bio for dope ‘Star Labs’ hoodies! You can get them for a reasonable price, they’re great!
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Do you like Wally West? 3 episodes is definitely not enough for us fans but still, thank you @keiynanlonsdale
This is interesting, what do you think the storyline will be about?
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Mel or Grant?
Can we get a round of applause for the King and Queen of the Arrowverse!
Well deserved, I’m proud of you both! @grantgust @melissabenoist

Favourite Superhero that has appeared in the Arrowverse?

Flash s4 or Arrow s4? (Worst)
Definitely Arrow. Killing off Dinah Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary was the biggest mistake in the history of mistakes.

Spread positive energy in the comment section.
Comment ‘We love you @grantgust ‘ and tag him down below.
I'm sorry you have to go through this, we love you no matter what. You're an inspiration to a lot of young people, me included. You're an amazing, genuine, outstanding and down to earth actor. We are thankful for everything you've done for us!
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Welcome to the Arrowverse @rubyrose
I don’t know how to feel about this yet lol.
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