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Its still unbelievable that I can walk into a Costco and find stellar store pick spirits with regularity. Four Roses is a repeat offender notorious for executive membership excellence, and this peppery 120 proof single barrel beast effortlessly continues that streak. There's a delicious spiciness that almost takes you off-guard, a tongue-numbing medley of wintergreen, cayenne, and szechuan peppercorns that holds on and absolutely refuses to let go - grip tightened by the sheer booze levels. However, once you get past the initial onslaught, the juice is surprisingly light, fresh even, thanks to the lush layers of grass, pine, and herbaceous nuance that gives this a distinctly outdoors-y profile. In a world where secondary prices somehow overrule MSRP, and where a bottle turns nips diamond-sharp if they've been even remotely acquainted with Big Pappy V, these Four Roses single barrel picks make a strong case for the best deal in bourbon today. #fourroses #fourrosessinglebarrel #storepick #bourbon #costco

new pourover who dis #hariov60 #coffeelife #pourover #hario

My Secret Santa truly gets me - and this is only week one of three weeks of gifts! I just need to find some scrambled egg soda and I got myself a liquid breakfast. #secretsanta #sodawhales #craftsoda #1point21interactive

I had a dream that I walked into the local shop and not only found 2018 bottles of my favorite maltyboi on the shelf, but they also had the previous vintage on tap. But then it turns out it was real life - what a twist! I may have actually died and gone to (avery hog) heaven. #fremontbrewing #bbomb #bil #barleywineislife #bottlecraft

Steak: it's what's for dinner (after finding prime cuts at Costco for an incredible price that you just can't ignore). πŸ–πŸŒŸ #eppigbrewing #speciallager #lagersislifetoo #newyorksteak #steak #costco

Normally not a wine person, but this... πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ Thanks @geoibach for the incredible opportunity to try this liquid magic #riesling #bineandvine #goat

Might as well get this obligatory pic out of the way. Starts off with a strong direct route to chocolate arabica flavortown but makes an unfortunate detour to an ashtray-ridden truck stop in fuselville before getting to the intended destination. Still a good beer, but the motivation to wax poetic about this is waning with each sip. #gooseisland #bcbs #bourboncounty #barrelagedbeer

jfc, this is the pinnacle of barleywine. ROSJ is already a p4p contender, but VSOJ tastes like how I felt when I first saw Big Poppa Pump and realized it was Scott Steiner. Extra training in the hyperbolic time chamber has completely enhanced this goku-esque montrosity to ludicrous, ultra-instinct-level heights, a veritable tsunami of marzipan, ristretto shots, and nougat that is unrelenting in its sheer decadence. A slight kiss of fig in the midpalate and the ever-so-slight oaky hotness on the finish lends a complex elegance to the sticky butterscotch brulee backbone, giving it enough balance to prevent that overindulgent "I got way too high and ate all my kid's Halloween candy" mouthfeel in similarly self-indulgent swill. In a world where malty delights commonly rely on adjuncts and multiple barrel treatments to combo cheese their way to the leaderboards, VSOJ is deftly wavedashing its way to the final destination with nothing but pure skill and technique. There is no question - @revbrewchicago has the best moves in the barleywine game today. #vsoj #revolutionbrewing #barleywineislife #bil #barleywine

@ripcurrentbrewing's latest BA offering is a stupid good blend of mouthwatering maltybois, and the result is nothing short of masterful. Rum-raisin aromatics are the hype man to the main event, a decadent affair that tastes like the brewers wrung out an oak stave soaked in molten werthers and leftover Halloween chocolates. The mouthfeel is unapologetically creamy, despite rolling with a body that is more brown ale than barleywine. The post-swallow lingering of coffee and cigarettes is stellar, vital for keeping the creeping cloying molasses backbone in check - the epitome of a perfectly balanced, oaky afterbirth. To say this is a top-tier strong ale is no exaggeration; it easily belongs in the same weight class as ADWTD and HoG. These fools somehow still elude the new money pastry patrol with relative ease, and I sincerely hope it stays that way. #ripcurrentbrewing #reservecuveeblendno1 #sdbeer #sdbw #bil

wtf even is this beer? It's a straight affront to everyone's preconceived notions of triple IPAs. This bigass beer is unbelievably aromatic on the nose, like a fresh-squeezed pina colada strained through a mai tai, and retains those tiki feels throughout the palate. Yet through some black magic fuckery, it has none of that cloying malty sweetness that plagues your basicass triple IPAs, ending on an absurdly dry finish that would make Pliny the Younger wet its historic pants. This beer boomed me. It's so good x4. #ripcurrentbrewing #caughtinarip #tripleipa #sdbeer #sdbw #ipas

Stop by randomly to pick up bottles for a box, end up finding lambic walez and Fremont life on tap. BBomb 2017 is incredible as ever, now with some figgy pudding notes creeping in ever so slowly to really liven up the molasses-marzipan palate. I forgot how well this beer holds up to age - and how batshit insane this city gets come Beer Week with the sheer quality and quantity of phenomenal beer available in every nook and cranny of craft beer neckbearddom. We are truly #blessed. #sdbw #bottlecraft #fremontbrewing #bbomb #driefonteinen

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