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Stellar way to start the weekend. Kenyans usually rub me the wrong way (#nocontext) because they're often overly bright, the coffee analog to Upland Kiwi, but this sneaky special release is incredibly well-balanced. The aroma is cocoa with a hint of strawberry, with the same upfront notes to match. The acidity is just vibrant enough to match the coconut-meets-cherry-blossom sweetness, with a satisfying finish that proudly struts into cabernet territory. This Kenyan is like a sophisticated Ethiopian who studied abroad to smooth out its edges (#againnocontext). Great bean from @darkhorsecoffee, perhaps the best I've had from them in years. #darkhorsecoffee #kenyaendebessestate #coffeelife #coffee #sdcoffee #kalitawave

Board games, barleywines, and situational comedies are the ideal combo for decompressing. Those wild and crazy cognac barrels have settled down nicely for a more balanced, reserved BA offering than I remember from Revolution. I have werthersmouth after just a few sips - the hallmark of a truly formidable slice of Life. #boardgames #azul #revolutionbrewing #mineshaftgap #barleywineislife #bil #barleywines

Going hard in the paint for meal prep Sunday. On the docket: bolognese courtesy of @seriouseats and @kenjilopezalt, kalua pig courtesy of Hawaii, and kimbap courtesy of my Korean hands. The pictured saison from #goodbeerco is a hit too, well-balanced between the bright acidity and finish. Usually not a fan of the lactic tones, but the mineraly mouthfeel and great hop finish complements it nicely for a surprisingly restrained farmhouse jammer. #mealprepsunday #kenjidinners #weekendz #mfbfazacca

Arguably the forefather of all the canned yeast-laden sludge that brings all the neckbeards to the yard these days, this is a testament to the OGs who are still killing it in the game today. A vibrant hoppiness that sidesteps the bitterness for an impressive depth of flavor, combined with a unique water profile featuring the dry minerality that you simply can't find in most SD beer - this is still one of a kind in the Whales Vagina. Funny to think that this used to be what passed for hazy back then - all the turbid fried-chicken-and-hamburger-infused flocc-bombs these days make this look like Fiji water by comparison. I've had this multiple times in my long, sordid spectacle of a depressing beer binge, and it never disappoints. Also, I do realize the irony in constantly bitching about $20/4pk hazy canned bullshit and still feeding into the hype economy. I am just as much a judgy basic beer bitch as you, deal with it. #thealchemistbrewery #headytopper #ogbeer #ipas

Sometimes you want to eschew the bullshit gimmicks, dismiss the stupid haze hype, and settle for something classically West Coast, supremely well-balanced, and, well, pure and simple. This is still one of the top 5 IPAs in SD, don't @ me #sdbeer #newenglishbrewing #pureandsimple #ipas #oldhophead

Happy #mothersday to the badass @briarbeauty, who not only pooped out a perfect princess in Pepper (despite my genes) and raised an asskicking firecracker in Ollie (despite my involvement), but also teaches them by example to be loving, considerate, and compassionate individuals (in spite of my dickish tendencies). Thank you for letting be a part of your beautiful family. You make my world go 'round, you saucy minx. #love #famiry

An employee was building the display model while we stopped by. I've never wanted to work in retail more. #lego #rollercoasters #utc

This is another banger of a hazy gem from Modern Times...but it's just another banger of a hazy gem from Modern Times. It's a little hard to be excited for this sub-$20-per-4pk hoppy sludgewater when it's no better or worse than the fifteen other examples of the style that come out every month - no matter how many hops they try to cram in all its orifices. It's like the power creep in DBZ - they can go to King Kai and up their trub levels every convoluted arc as much as they want, but there's always going to be someone stronger out there to deal with your Super Turbid Level God Ultra Instinct nonsense, and all you're left with is more inspiration for erotic fanfic starting Goku - but this time, with a different hair color. #moderntimesbeer #ddhorderville #turbidasfuck #trublevelsover9000 #sdbeer #talkbeerdotcom #hazyipas #ipas

My quest to conquer arabica started with the Aeropress, but it got lost somewhere along the way. Now that I'm a little older, wiser, and perpetually caffeinated, let's give this another go-around. #coffeelife #intelligentsia #aeropress #weekendlife

When it's a cold, cloudy day and you have a freshly sharpened knife, you make some Korean soup - any Korean soup. #tojirodp #cloudydays #radishsoup #koreanfood

#sundayfunday in Orange County - climb awesome trees, eat phenomenal burritos. Simple yet supremely satisfying, the food at Burritos La Palma is a revelation. Absolute must-try. #weekendlife #pepper #santaana #burritoslapalma #parkbiancofamiry

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