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The birthday surprises continue with this Colombian micro lot courtesy of @stumptowncoffee and @chipmnk that bangs incredibly hard in the paint. An emphatically rich, decadent double chocolate aroma gives way to a surprisingly complex profile of milk chocolate, cloves, cinnamon, and some floral brightness to tie it all together. The body ain't robust, but it's one of those prime examples that thiccness isn't always a prerequisite for flavor-blasted Joe. Thanks for the awesome beans, bro! Unlike other roasters that have gone big and thrown it all away for a deal with the devil, Stumptown continues to deliver the goods at very reasonable prices. #stumptowncoffee #birthdayweekend #colombiaelcerindo #coffeelife #coffee

Making copycat Pok Pok fish sauce wings with the appropriate accompanying beverage. #fishipa is yet another rousing triumph in @pizzaportbrewingco's repertoire, a colossal fish in a big pond of hoppy heavyweights. Phenomenally flavor-packed and boozy while remaining appropriately dry, balanced, and light in body, this is the Tupac of beer: quintessentially West Coast, classically drinkable, and will be gone tragically too early. #pokpok #wings #sdbeer #pizzaportbrewing #ipas

It's been seven weeks since I've been on an ultra-restrictive, whole30-esque diet. In previous attempts, these cleanses have resulted in lost weight, a clearer mind, and a more energized, positive outlook on life. This time around, I did lose nearly 20lbs, but overall, it's been nothing but self-deprecating thoughts, self-imposed social isolation, and a feeling of an incomplete, unfulfilled life. Today I said fuck it and had a pint of Pliny and frites at #blah, and that spark in my soul has rekindled with a fiery passion. Naysayers may say I'm addicted to food and drink, but my more optimistic, possibly delusional mind says I find profound happiness in life through great food and even better beverage. Despite it all, I'm thankful of the diet, because now I know just how much the culinary arts mean to my life. Moral of the story: fuck what people say, and do what makes you feel fulfilled and happy. Being physically healthy means nothing if you aren't mentally or emotionally healthy. Live, laugh, love y'all #blah #plinytheelder #ipas #fuckdiets

Last night our TV went kaput while @briarbeauty was at her acupuncturist. Dismayed and still mourning the loss of our faithful comrade, she shows up an hour later with an early bday present. That might have been the first time in a while she's seen me giggle with glee. We tried it out this morning, and my god, Bubble Guppies has never looked so annoyingly crisp. Thank you for the incredible gift - I can't wait to bingewatch all the feelgood cooking shows on Netflix with you! #tcl #4k #goodbyedlp #happybirthdaytome

This isn't your average everyday basic...this is advanced basic #icanteven #whatintarnation #kombucha

Secrets to successful, bombass carnitas: an idiotproof recipe with simple ingredients a la @kenjilopezalt, high-quality pork courtesy of Iowa Meat Farms, and an exceptionally dirty casserole dish from yours truly. #kenjidinners #mealprepsunday #dinnertonight #carnitas #thefoodlab

πŸ–οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ„ #parkbiancofamiry #lajollashores #pepper #rj #labordayweekend

Light roast fruit bombs are seemingly dime-a-dozen these days, the coffee equivalent of shallow hazy IPAs that always seem to overpromise and inevitably underdeliver. But a balanced, "coffee flavored coffee" blend is surprisingly difficult to find in this third wave world, often either too roasty (read: burned), too modern, or too heavy (read: BURNED) to really hit those diner coffee notes. The house blend by @loftycoffeeco swiftly sidesteps all of those red flags, delivering a classic cup o joe that represents the best cup you've had at your local greasy spoon. It ticks everything you want from a morning cup: velvety soft from top to bottom, classic notes of bakers chocolate and caramel, and a subdued bitterness with an impeccably balanced body that almost seems watery compared to the Sumatran big-dick roasts other places pass off as "diner coffee." I've had $17 cups of stupid rare, single-varietal, single-origin coffee, purchased beans supposedly originating from the literal birthplace of the beverage - but this right here is perhaps the perfect coffee. Some might say it's boring, but who says boring can't blow your fucking mind? #loftycoffee #morningdoveblend #coffeelife #coffee #aeropress

tfw you try to take a cute daddy-daughter selfie with your shitty phone and inadvertently end up with the best candid shot you'll ever take #famiry #rj #pepper

β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ“šπŸŽ‰β€οΈ #pepper #rj #firstdayofschool #juniorkindergartenherewecome #ljcds #famiry

Mechanical pencil technology has come a long, long way. #target #quickerclicker #backtoschool

I'm starting to get the hang of this "salad" thing. #whatdiet #dinnertonight #shrimp

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