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A cycle food tour through Hoi An, trying out world famous foods including a type of dumpling made for generations by one family (and on sold to the rest of the town's restaurants), coffee, the tiniest chairs (@o0kyothu0o providing a size comparison), and a visit to an organic orchard where families grow crops for sale at the local markets. A beautiful way to spend five hours, thoroughly recommended to anyone who goes to Hoi An #foodie #hoian #hoianfoodtours

I won't be posting many photos from Hoi An until I return as my phone camera doesn't do it justice (so I've busted out the proper camera). It really might be the most beautiful place in Vietnam. However, I did need to show our private pool, so relaxing when it's just before 10pm and still 29 degrees. #airbnb #hoian #oldquarterhoian @o0kyothu0o

Even before I arrive to the city, Hoi An is turning on its charms, with the colour of the fields, and the mountains in the background, seeming to have the colour turned up to 11. The bridge is in Da Nang, but was too beautiful not to photograph. Lunch now, then I'll spend the afternoon working #hoian #nofilterneeded #virtontour @o0kyothu0o

Mmmmmmm fresh kina. And no, the guy in the background of one of the photos is not a giant, the chairs are just really really small. Still, I haven't broken any yet :) #foodie #nhatrang #virtontour @o0kyothu0o

Probably the best looking dim sum I've ever eaten (and some of the best tasting as well) #foodie #nhatrang #vietnam #virtontour #dimsumhouse @o0kyothu0o

Final dives over, now to head back to town for the final exam. Hmmmm do I dive again tomorrow? Videos to come later, most likely when I'm back in NZ #vietnamactive #virtontour #lawyeranywhere #officeanywhere

Dinner tonight in a very unique space. The food wasn't great (but then again, I ordered western food in the East which was a rookie mistake). However, the kumquat and mint smoothie was amazing. The best thing, though, was the fit-out. Multiple random layers, rope hammock, bench seats that are swings (genius), greenery everywhere, and a slide down the middle of the cafe. However, I'm not sure about the misappropriation of Maori designs. #rainforestcafe #foodie #vietnam @o0kyothu0o

Great day to be on, and under, the water. First dive was down to 12 metres. It also appears that I have crazy levels of buoyancy! #vietnamactive

A quiet night out in #nhatrang #sailingclub @o0kyothu0o

This is one of the reasons I love Vietnam... You don't need fancy kitchens, normal seats, organic fluff imported from somewhere I've never heard of, created by people whom leaned their craft from a stranger in a class room.

The best food is made by people who likely learned it at their mother's hip, do nothing but make this dish, and do it with such finesse that they don't need a menu. They make one thing, and make it perfectly.

I love this country.

#vietnam #foodie #nhatrang #virtontour

Final night in Saigon. Tomorrow, off to Nha Trang, beaches, scuba diving, more coffee, and maybe more food #foodie #saigon #vietnam #sushi #virtontour @o0kyothu0o

One of the best things about traveling is trying out unusual fruits. Custard apples are amazing, Vietnamese apples have stone pips, and mangosteens are really freaking good. So custard apples and mangosteens are both now in my top 5 favourite fruits. If I can get them in NZ I'll be trying some baking with them.

And, for my dad, who I know worries when I travel, don't worry, the Avengers are based here.

#foodie #fruitee #virtontour #avengers #vietnam

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