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american racing pigeon union  The premier U.S. racing homing pigeon organization celebrating over a century of excellence.

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In 2004, Juvenile Probation Officer, Luis Morales, gained approval for a unique program to transform the lives of youth passing through ...

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In the first few days after weaning, you will want to have the breeding mix readily available to youngsters. In what is a brand new world to them, this is not yet the time to limit feed. In addition, a four-week old youngster, though almost at his mature size, still has some developing and growing to do. As the young birds have settled to the landing board and are beginning to fly around the loft, remember never to feed before they are let out for exercise. As they complete their exercise and you call them in for feed (using a whistle, feed can, or other sound), put down some feed for them to find upon entering the trap. A good rule of thumb is to feed only the amount that will be cleaned up in 15 minutes. Dump any leftover feed. Exercise and feed morning and evenings, you will find this approach will give you the makings of a healthy yet disciplined young bird team.

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The singing Cowboy and star of his own TV show in the 50 and 60’s, Roy Rogers was also a pigeon fancier. Some say his birds inspired the movie "Happy Trails"

Check out this video from Expert Fancier, Bill Miller.

Be among the first 10 people to join (for only $25) by July 15, and be entered into a drawing to receive second year membership free. Be sure to mention code JOIN715. CAll 800-755-2778 and join the fun!

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Check the history books to see the best scores of all time

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