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ARPANA RAYAMAJHI  Kathmandu 🛸 New York City

🌺Self portrait as a Pacific Islander, 2018.🌺


Ok let me do this right, this time because my flight is delayed. I am very happy to have had a chance to see THE NARCISSIST in 14 k gold. Thank you @aurorajames for this incredible order, I’m so happy to have a chance to see this beauty in all her decadence. You are so lovely - just like @brothervellies . ❤️


Frosty Blue Tie Necklace with 18k gold plated chain. Available in store now.


NEW JEWELS! And a lot more new jewels coming this week. You know where to find it. ❤️ HAPPY SUNDAY everyone!

Ancient Egyptian faience bead collar with concentric bands of rosettes , zig zag, lotus big and lotus blossoms. 945-712 BC, Dynasty XXII. Now we can see South America, North America ( predominantly Mexico) and Greenlandic Inuits make their own versions almost three thousand years later. Beads are believed to be the oldest form of jewelry and jewelry is one of the most helpful and accurate way of studying human history, migration. It is anthropological and should not be reduced to simply something “artisanal” and “cultural”. It goes beyond boundaries and reaches every corner of the world to every one that wants to continue taking this form of art further. Besides can we imagine a world where we made art so sacred that it would never evolve and would eventually die? Image and detailed description of the piece # via @aureaetmanus

Even the headhunter will eventually be hunted

🐆🦓 “ You got chocolate ice cream on your face.” “Is it gone?”🦓🐆

Bad at painting nails but good at jewels. Have you preordered your NARCISSIST Rings? Available in Brass and Bronze. You know where to find it.

East coast blues

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