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Live oaks from opposite sides of Magnolia Avenue meeting in the middle of the street to create this dream-like canopy of leaves, wood and Spanish moss. Not to sound overly dramatic but, that shid is beautiful brah. #arolaroundtheworld

It was a colossal mistake to sit in the middle of 2 bakeries when you’re tired from a whole morning of sight-seeing. Around the time I set up the tripod, we only had coffee and hot cocoa. Minutes later, I got up and checked out The Spanish Bakery, and came back with a bowl of chili and a couple of empanadas. A few minutes more, lil bro wanted something sweet so he got us frozen bananas and truffles from Whetstone. Overall a rather strange combination of flavours and temperatures, but 11/10 would recommend still because eating your way around the world as much as your stomach permits is my only golden rule ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #arolaroundtheworld

San Agustín is by no means the first European colony in the US, but it is however the oldest enduring settlement. The architecture of the city's historic colonial district is a reflection of the years of conflict it has subsisted in the hands of the Spanish, the French and the English. As with most writings about conquests and discoveries, the stories always sound like epiphanic expeditions that should fill us with wonderment. "St. Augustine was founded on the 8th of September in the year 1565 by a Spanish admiral (feigns shock) Pedro Menéndez de Avíles”. Rarely do we find paragraphs in books that describe colonial subjugation, religious manipulation and such, because after all, history is the story of the victor. At the end of the day, we are nothing but mere foot notes.
Now, I’m not daft. I know times were different back in the day. I understand curiosity in exploration, I understand the feeling of wanting to expand territories and influence (only on my video games and businesses at least lel). One can almost say that these “things" could not be helped, but at the same time, no one can say how differently the world would have progressed if these things did not happen. Maybe some nations would have thrived better, maybe some would not have survived. Who knows, really. But we are here now- the world that we know today is the product of a singular timeline- a specific permutation in this verse where every one that has existed and exists did what they did, and do what they do. Good or bad, the enchanting town of St. Augustine stands tall today because of its troubled past.

Every night feels like the best night of my life when I'm traveling, but my last night in Oaxaca was the bestest best night for this particular leg. And as luck would have it, and as one would naturally expect, I have not got a single frame from that night. Just this photo of Calles Rayón, Colón and Doblado from that morning as I was heading out, and the vivid memory of that bittersweet night, forever etched in my ridiculous human brain. Now, I don’t take pleasure in boring you, but I think I just might anyway, because I still haven’t organised my page.
Take a good look at the photo above, because this is roughly the area where it all started. Picture this scene after nightfall. Imagine seeing the warm glow of the dim streetlights, casting soft shadows on the pavements. Pretend that your arms and shoulders are sunburnt from a mini hike, and feel the gentle evening breeze grazing your sore skin. If there was ever a night that looked like anything could happen, it was this one.


BRB I'm seeing my mum in a bit. My boring story later.

Before I came across the streetside shoeshiners in Mexico, the mere idea of it felt wildly superfluous and almost too classist to exist in the 21st century. Now this is, of course, highly debatable, but I don’t think it has to be. The dying trade is a remnant of the olden days, which is charming in its nostalgia. It’s honest work, and for the most part, a self-maintained business, good for putting food on the table and making ends meet. If you’ve ever seen one in action, you’d know that a customer and shoeshiner have a bond similar to that of a barber and their client- it goes beyond transactions and services. #arolaroundtheworld

Sometimes you want a beach to be a stone's throw away from your room, other times a tacos and tortas joint ✊🏻 If you plan on ordering torta, make sure it's "con todo" (with everything) or the sloppy "ahogada" (drowned). Trust me, you want them strong Mexican flavours to be all upz in yo grill.
Fun fact for the food-obsessed: The Torta is the love child of Mexican street food and French baguette as a result of the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Years after, the locals then changed its bread component, thus removing the baguette entirely out of the equation, and switching it in favour of bolillos or telera, both of which are soft rolls. Kinda like the báng mì when for Vietnam 🙇🏻‍♀️

Petrified waterfalls. Hierve El Agua, which translates to "the water boils", was once an integral part of the Zapotec's complex irrigation system some 2,300 years ago. The formation cascading down the cliff is the by-product of water, rich in calcium carbonate, magnesium and sulphur, repeatedly seeping through the unique cracks of the rocks, eventually “boiling over” the mountainside and slowly calcifying over thousands of years into this unbelievable spectacle.
Understanding the science and history behind this wonder makes for a richer story, but the romantic in me wants to give full credit to Gaia for blessing us with a place where Earth, Heaven and water meet. Sorry na, I'm all cheese and corn over here 🤷🏻‍♀️ #arolaroundtheworld

The 2-hour search for roadside burros. #arolaroundtheworld

Slightly bummed about reaching the summit 16 minutes after sunrise. But then again, if there were an acceptable reason for missing first light, it would be a night of home-brewed mezcal and flatbread pizza shared among strangers-turned-friends. Also, this view isn't too bad, right? #arolaroundtheworld #zerogrid

Oaxacan tamales de mole negro con pollo, that is all. #arolaroundtheworld

Wood, ceramic, marble and stone souvenirs in various stages of sculpting. Some varnished, some glazed, some finished with natural dyes. Really gutted knowing that a lot of times, the level of craftsmanship that's put into each piece goes unappreciated because of the sheer volume at which they are produced 💔 Would have loved to purchase more to support the local businesses but, my guess is that 86%-94% of these will most likely be confiscated by Australian customs upon entry 💀 But I mean, if it warrants me an episode of Border Security, maybe it'll be worth it? Lol. #arolaroundtheworld

A basket glossary of dried Oaxacan chiles- perpendicular to this display are world-renowned moles, further in the back are ground spices. This is just one of the many stalls at Mercado 20 de Noviembre. As a traveler, one of my must visits for small towns and big cities will always be the local market. Honourable mentions are the cemeteries and the downtown backstreets.
NOTE: I apologise for the half year latergrams. I have no real excuse but I will try to catch up the soonest I am able to 🙃 I should also mention that after my Mexico posts, I will be revamping my feed.
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