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Aroe Ajoeni  my parents think i am such an innocent student at school.No.I eat at the back of the class with my clique like animals. 👇🏼🤘🏼Designs/Projects

👣Tat Kuang Xi Waterfalls, Luang Prabang.

It was so hot that day☀️☀️🔥 but I didn't plan on swimming bc "meh 😒it's not gonna be that great". But when I got there, I couldn't stop myself! I had no change of clothes so I dipped with full clothes. The water 💦🐳🌊is soooo cold, everything you need on a hot day.No regrets although I had to go home with wet clothes. The wind on tuk-tuk ride really helped.
2️⃣me dipping still with glasses on

It's #Vesak in Malaysia (but a different date in Laos). After my trip from Laos, I learned SO MUCH about Buddhism. All statues actually represent something and they have stories. Ugh I'm a sucker for stories. Anyways, Vesak is said to be the day when the Buddha was born, reached Enlightenment, and died.
1️⃣Two palms on front : "the Buddha preaching on reason". Mostly in Laos and Thailand.
2️⃣Far on left is the Buddha protected by seven snakes while he meditated under the Bodhi Tree.
3️⃣(left)Buddha with five of his earliest followers (right) is the Tuesday Buddha.
4️⃣Park Ou cave
5️⃣Murals at Wat Si Muang

Some of the pics I took in Laos. No particular order, I just like them.
2️⃣Lots of dust inhaled I turned into a new person
3️⃣This was like 8am and I was already hiking (Mount Phoushi)
4️⃣Wat Xieng Khuan aka Buddha Park. Great pics taken here
5️⃣View from my bed

6pm yesterday. Cycling to spots that cars can't reach. I look like a local in this video

Again, the heat is just crazy. Eating fruits on our tuk-tuk ride. This was taken this morning, tonight I'll be going to Luang Prabang by local bus for 12 hours. I don't know what's gonna happen next but so far the adventure is crazy #Vientiane #Laos

Not the best pics I have but this shows most of the places I went on Day 1 🏕#Laos #Vientiane

For every mile I'm walking in Laos, I'll be donating $0.25 to the charity of my choice. It's so easy to use, you can just walk to a warung and still donate money. I love this app, it makes me feel so much better. Go download the app 'Charity Miles'!

Hello everyone! I am in Laos today! 🇱🇦 🇱🇦 🇱🇦 My parents surprised me with a ticket to Vientiane as a birthday present. I'm with my mom and two of our close friends! Bimo and Dad couldn't join us bc of classes. All girls trip! This is us on a Tuk-Tuk, the heat is just crazy.

(pic 2 - 4 around age 6-7)
Congrats for being able to cope with two dominant women at home. You and I are always twinning somehow even until now (1 year age gap prob). You're my permanent squad member so I can't really terminate you. We are raised by amazing parents and both of us have great ambitions (you're not so serious about it though). Much much love to you boye

He likes shopping and wants his pants TIGHT👌🏼🤛🏻 *insert spanking sound*. We had awesome breakfast 🥜today at Kluang. The shopping took a while so I had to set up a tent⛺️🏕 in the middle of the mall and and build a campfire🔥

this my boiii.we got soba and accompanied my mom shopping. very eventful🤘🏼🍜🍣🌈🔥

great weekend. Had a lot of food and a lot of walks. didn't intend bimo to be in the pic, also i was holding a door. such a great pose. #malacca

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