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Arnus  Irish Cosplayer, designer, gamer, and everything in between. Avid Star Wars and Overwatch fan. Also keep your eye my Facebook as well!


Working on Genji chest plates. Foam is a bit thick but not as thick as prior foam I used. I have some 5mm sitting around I may try. Also tried my hand at recessing foam techniques. Coming along nicely. Also picked up an air brush. Next step is connecting neck guard, spinal guard and chest plate together.

Genji Armor is coming along slowly. I'm still waiting on 5mm foam to come in to do someone of the thinner parts. Spinal guard finished up today. Can wait to show you all the finished suit!

Patterns are done. Roughly 35 pages of so of patterns to be cut out. Next step is applying it to foam and heat sealing/shaping and piecing it together. Mada Mada!

Sorry for the lack of update lately. Been hard at work on something very intense. I'm hopeful this will be something amazing. I tried my hand at it a few months ago and It didn't pan out so well so hopefully V2 will be better.

Overwatch Sombra SMG Foam pattern. Made it myself tonight. Came out better than expected. Dimensions are estimated to how big I think it would be in the hands of an average built individual. Not sure if I'll release it or such.

Kylo Ren is ready for Dublin Comic Con. I'll show you the Dark Side.

"I feel it again. The pull to the light."
Dublin Comic Con this Sunday. Hopefully I'll snap some pics for you all.

I built my Kylo Ren 2.0 belt today. Wider than my old one (5" vs. 3.5") and now closes from behind the buckle. Buckle needs to be primed and painted. Buckle is cold cast aluminium and Saber clip was 3D printed by a friend last year. Leather is far higher quality. One step closer to my Last Jedi Version of Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren fabric and neck seal arrived today. Leather for belt is on the way!

Kylo Ren pleated tunic ready. Far better than the xcoser one I was wearing in 2016.

"Some may use The Force for clairvoyance, others may use it for peace, freedom and security. I use it as a weapon." Darth Revan - Me
Photography and effects by @davidlovephotog

"They stabbed me..... Olly....he put a knife in my heart... I shouldn't be here..." Jon Snow: Me
Photography and effects by @davidlovephotog

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