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Arnold Staffzenegger  🐶 Arnold the fawn staffy 🍼 15.07.2016 🇳🇴 Oslo, Norway 🐾 Stealing my human's phone to Instagram, because let's face it... I'm way cuter 😇

A little floppy ear slowmo throwback that will hopefully make you smile 😄

#slowmo #floppyears #throwbackthursday #throwback #puppy #staffypuppy #staffordshirebullterrier #staffy #fetch

Can’t wait to pinch these cheeks again ❤️ 12 hours until we are home ☺️✈️

#chubbycheeks #cominghome #staffordshirebullterrier #staffylove #staffy #lovemydog #dogphotography

I think Arnold is enjoying his time with his aunt and uncle 😄 they are so sweet for keeping us updated with all the fun they are having while we are on vacation ❤️

#staffordshirebullterrier #havingfun #parklife #staffy #babysitterlife #dogsinjumpers #happymonday

Happy sleepy Sunday 😄
I kept falling asleep during this shoot because my aunt was rubbing my belly to keep me happy and relaxed. Mum kept having to make funny noises to try to make me open my eyes for a picture 😂 so as you can see, I definitely don’t suffer during photo shoots 🙈

#sleepydog #sleepypuppy #doginpajamas #snuggles #snuggledog #staffordshirebullterrier #staffymoments #staffordshirebullterrier_feature #staffordshirebullterriersofinstagram #pitbull #sundayvibes #staffy

Using this face to make Mum and Dad feel extra guilty for leaving me this weekend.
On that note, if anyone knows about any super cool pet shops in London, please let my humans know so they can get me something 😉😎

#puppydogeyes #dogphotography #dogsinpajamas #staffordshirebullterrier #staffy #bonvoyage #longweekend #smellyoulater

✨Giveaway time✨
To celebrate that we reached 25k followers we have teamed up with @revolutionrace to have a giveaway for you guys 😄
The winner will receive a €50 gift card to use in the @revolutionrace online store.

All you have to do to enter is follow us, follow @revolutionrace and tag three friends in the comments below.
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The competition will be open until Friday October 20th and a winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday.

For all of you wonderful followers that live outside of Europe, we will be having another worldwide giveaway before the end of the year ❤️☺️

When your like “wooohooo it’s Friday”... and then someone tells you it’s Friday the 13th 😐😩 #letshide

#fridaythe13th #jegerbob #friyay #staffordshirebullterrier #staffy #puppydogeyes #crazyface

Hands up if puppy head tilts melt your heart too ❤️🙋🏻🙋🏼‍♂️❤️

#headtilt #theowbackthursday #throwback #tbt #puppy #staffypuppy #jegerbob #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier #arnold

Just a few days ago Bob the dog was sentenced to death here in Norway because he acted like a dog. Bob was being watched by a friend of his owner and was tied outside a restaurant. Bob was stressed by the situation and two police officers noticed this and decided to talk to the person watching him. While they were talking to the “guardian”, Bob jumped up on a passing by woman and scratched her a little.
This was enough for the police officers to report Bob and request that he be euthanatised (the woman didn’t even report him). His owner was of course extremely upset because Bob is a friendly 10 year old dog who was just put in a very unfortunate situation.
The owner has done everything in his power to save Bob. The case has been to trial twice and both times Bob has lost, even though he has been tested by behaviour experts and they say that he is a friendly dog with no aggressive traits... and that’s even after Bob has had to spend the last 2 years in a shelter!
This ruling is awful because it means that no dogs in Norway are safe! Arnold loves saying hello to people and will jump on them to try to lick their faces if I let him. Now though, I don’t dare let him say hello to anyone, and especially not children. What if he accidentally scratched one and their parents reported us?
Dogs have no rights if this ruling stands. Bob should not have been put in this situation in the first place, but everyone makes mistakes... and I for one do not thing he should have to die because of it.
Arnold is just like Bob, and that’s why I will be using the hashtag #JegErBob (#IAmBob) to show that I think the laws in Norway need to be changed. Dogs deserve to be able to act like dogs without risking their lives. Owners need to be able to take their dogs for a walk without being afraid that if a jogger catches them by surprise, their dog could potentially be killed for reacting in the wrong way just once.
Feel free to support the cause by using the hashtag and signing the petition:
#jegerbob #animalrights #dyrsrettigheter #mylifeisimportanttoo

Do you guys remember that Mum won a @hurttacollection photo competition on facebook 2 months ago? She was having a hard time deciding what to pick as a prize, but she finally made up her mind and last night it arrived 😄 the Hurtta trail pack 💪🏼 I won’t start carrying weight in it until I am 2 years old, but now I can start practicing with it empty. Since it’s detachable I can use the awesome harness on its own 😄 thanks @hurttacollection ❤️

#backpack #hurtta #hurttatrailpack #fitdog #hickingwithdogs #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier #autumn #norway #fawnstaffy

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