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I thought last night was very special. After kickboxing, it wasn't like the normal route. I didn't have to rush anywhere, so I decided to take a walk around this neighborhood. And I suddenly felt like taking pictures, just like when I first started this account. This little walk reminded me the person who I used to be. You know, that jolly bright happy boy that enjoys every little thing in his life. I was that person who always knew what I wanted and would happily walk towards his goals. Then I changed. And I really did blame everyone and everything for being miserable. Then I realized that, it's myself. As humans, we like to play that victim role. Acting all vulnerable and weak to find excuses to run away from responsibilities. I don't know what happened to me this past year. I felt suffocated. And yet, I keep lying to myself that this is how everything should be. Also numbing myself and finding stories to cover up things that are wrong to keep myself calm. But then if there are problems to be solved, you can't leave it like that. Because the deeper you fall in that trap the harder it takes you to get out of it. It's called letting go. Let go by being honest to yourself and reveal the ugly side of the truth. This process is painful and will kill you slowly. But there's nothing better than freedom. Escaping yourself from things that weren't all that good at first. I'm intending this to myself, not anyone. I want to remind myself what I'm worth and who I am and really should be. I can't expect anyone to support me during my journey. But I really have to love and protect myself. And hopefully find someone that loves me as well during this journey. I picked back up so well these days. My mind game is strong, and I'm ready to fight. I gotta prove myself that good things will happen if I don't give up. This is inspired by a new blogger that I've been following. Thank you for slapping me out of myself. I hope I will get lots of support one day. Especially my own approval. Cheers 🍻
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Throwback to the time with my sis brought me to this Mont Blanc event. It's always a good time with her, and I am very proud of her. Thanks ☺️ #vsco #vscocam #hkig #hongkong #nightout #ootd #suit #velvetblazer #velvet

I miss going to events, but I can't fit into my suits anymore 🤣 that one time with my one of my fav TVB star#🙌🏻 #throwback #vsco #vscocam #hkig #hongkong #ootd #events #nightout

Enjoying this a little bit 🙌🏻 #vsco #vscocam #hkig #hongkong #poolside #supremelv #supreme

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