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Cynthia Bauzon-Arre  illustrator (Philippines) Find my art: 📍 @HeyKessy UPTC 📍 @CommonRoomPH Katipunan | Powerplant | ATC 📍 @Biblio.PH The 30th | Feliz 📬

“Bahay Kubo” (“Nipa Hut”) was one of the first Filipino folk songs my parents taught me and it was also how I learned that there were veggies other than Tomato Ketchup! 🍅😅These notebooks & postcards are souvenir items I designed for the #DTIxCommonRoomPH collab which will be available exclusively thru DTI’s Go Lokal stores soon. 🤗.
We Pinoys all know this song — it’s about life in a bahay kubo and how, though it may be small, around it can grow plants & produce that will provide for a family. I believe that this sentiment is reflective of how Filipinos, with what little resources we have as a developing nation, can stay afloat while making the most of whatever is available to us. 🇵🇭 Design-wise I thought it would be a visual treat to show a colorful veggie feast surrounding the humble quarters that a typical rural family calls home.🌴✨
#commonroomph #dtigolokal

The Mindanao Bleeding Heart is a shy bird in the pigeon family that is native to the Philippines. It obviously gets its memorable name from the red blotch on its chest. Sadly this species has been classified as “vulnerable” because their existence is threatened by deforestation & over-hunting for food and the pet trade.😢 We can actually help preserve our islands’ biodiversity in our own way by raising awareness for the plight of these creatures. 🦆
Meanwhile, I am finding @turnercolourworks Acryl Gouache colors from perfect for painting brightly-hued birds! More soon.🤗

Good morning!☀️ Here’s a peek of my work for the @dti.golokal x @commonroomph collab. 🇵🇭 Can you tell which Filipino folk song inspired the design? 🌴 .
#commonroomph #dtigolokal #golokal #dtixcommonroomph

Thrilled to be among the first batch of artists tapped by @commonroomph to make exclusive souvenir items for @dti.golokal! Grateful for the chance to be able to promote our culture through our art. 🇵🇭 Will post more behind the scenes pics & stories in the coming days. 🤗.
#CommonRoomPH #golokal #dtigolokal #dtixcommonroomph

Happy to share my design collab with Filed! 🤗 The Pen Capsule Garden Bloom collection features embroidered graphics of the Philippine Trogon, a bird specie endemic to us, among native flora like kalachuchi, sampaguita, and a waxflower. Now available online via @getfiled 🍃 #filedxarncyn

Spot the kalachuchi.🙂 Do you know which @getfiled item this is? Can’t wait to share the full design with you tomorrow! 🍃 #filedxarncyn

Been slowly drawing fruits (one per day whenever I find time 😅) for my second Philippine Fruits pattern. Thought of including the more common ones this time so I’m sure you guys can name all of these now, yes? 🍍🍌🤗

“Dahil mahal ko ang Pilipinas, diringgin ko ang payo ng aking magulang...” at atin rin silang pasalamatan. 🤗.
Maligayang araw ng kasarinlan! 🇵🇭

It’s #worldenvironmentday! 🍃 Trying to be kinder to Mother Earth by limiting my use of plastic & coming up with eco-friendly packaging solutions (if you’ve seen my IG stories, you know how much trial & error has gone into this 😅). So far I am happy with these prototypes and I hope to implement them in the coming months.✌️ Also hoping that you guys will be okay with receiving items in repurposed paper bags & envelopes? 🤗 Btw some of these card designs are available at @commonroomph & @heykessy — still in their plastic sleeves for now but I hope you can reuse them. 🌳

Painted using @turnercolourworks Turner Acryl Gouache from - my favorite paint (used exclusively in my exhibition last year 👌). The bright colors & high opacity are perfect for the style of nature drawings I plan to make for this series so many thanks, ArtWhale & Turner - happy to be painting by hand again.😻 Pls swipe to see the detail.
About the drawing: while researching on Philippine-endemic birds, I learned that many of our native species are threatened due to deforestation & eco-irresponsibility. 😢 For instance, the Luzon Water Redstart which inhabits the Cordillera & Sierra Madre mountain ranges has been classified as “vulnerable” bec of pollutants in the water courses it loves to hang out in. 💔 Luckily, action to conserve their habitats is already in the works. Can’t wait to tell you more about this in future posts + an upcoming passion project that I aim to finish before the year ends.🌳🍃😊

These notebooks featuring my Philippine flower illustrations can fit in a small or medium-sized purse for on-the-go note taking.👌✒️ You guys can find these (+ more of my other designs/items 🙂) at @heykessy UP Town Center and @commonroomph Katipunan, Powerplant Mall, and Alabang Town Center. 🤗.
#heykessy #commonroomph

This time last year I was in a panic & couldn’t start painting for my solo show. Anxiety ate me up — “what if I don’t finish them all in time?,” “what if my subjects don’t like their portraits?,” “who am I to do something like this?,” 😓 — but my “why” trumped the “what ifs” and pushed me to go on. On the surface, the exhibit was my thank you to the music scene that gifted me with lasting friendships & a life outside my advertising career. 💓 On a personal level I think I did it to acknowledge my painting-loving Fine Arts-student teenaged self, the one who ghosted for years when I joined the corporate world. 😶 It took a while but I’m glad to get a glimpse of her again. 🎨.
#tbt Photo was taken at the ingress of #GirlJam at @pablo_post BGC, Nov 2017. (Natuloy naman sya. 😅✨)
Do you get anxious when starting a big project too? What is your”why” for doing what you do? Please share! 🤗

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