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M. Young  RIVER RIDGE ELEMENTARY: 4&5 grade GCHS JROTC CADET(RANK: SSgt) 🎓CLASS: 2K19🎓 Work @: N/A 💞00-00-00💞some one

First two pics (I'm about 4-5 Niko is just a baby) 3-4 pic don't really remember (Then last two pics were taken yesterday when I first saw my dad in forever) these last 8Years 7Months & 23days (as of yesterday day since I last seen my Dad and Niko) and two school summers ago for Raven and first time ever meeting Austin. Man have I missed so much in their lives wish I could make it up to them some how.

So I applied for a job at KFC Saturday night, got a called Sunday afternoon want to set up a interview, want to the interview today, but then something amazing happened. When I got home I had a question for the person that interviewed me so I called him and before I asked him a question he told me I'm glad that you called because I was going to offer you the job anyway. This is my every first job that I have ever had . I wasn't even suppose to know till Wednesday if I got it or not but he told me early which me happy🎉I GOT THE JOB🎉

Tb to when I was very little along with my cute baby brother Niko. Wish he could have stayed that little. (2ND pic) at least he is still adorable till this day look how cute he is now.👶👦🏈🕶 #babybrother #littleme #littlesiblings (2nd pic) #littlebro

Thanks guys for giving me the best sweet 16 that I could ever ask for. Love the ring and liking my new phone. I love each and everyone of you (credit to @froglvrjay @tlyoung_1994 @orangey_94 @linda_marie2019 @julia_of_hyrule

I just want to take a moment an honor an amazing Friend of mine Courtney P. Thompson. She is missed more and more every day, she has been gone from this world for 2years now. Court was always there for someone when they where feeling down, every time we saw her smile it would always put a smile on our face. Fly high court you will always be remembered and never forgotten 👼💜Love ya courtney bugg💜👼 #InOurHearts #InMemoryOf

Happy 10th birthday to the best little sister that I could ever ask for I know that I've not been there for you for the past seven years of your life. You are growing up so quickly. I just want to let you know that im thinking of you through out each and everyday. Wish that I could go back to the last time I saw you and hug you ever so tightly that I wouldnt want to leave you. You are my world and im so lucky to have you in my life as my lil sis. Love ya lil sis👧hope u have a great specail day #minime #bigsislilsis #family #missya #growingup #foreverloved

Plz come join the fun of streaming live and making a lot of new friends, I would really appreciate it alot if u did so I can have a couple friends of mine that I know I haven't seen in a while (link is in bio) plz and thank u #newfriends #livestream #fun

Had a blast at #homecoming with my date aka my best friend @hardcore_yandere cant wait for the next 2 years of dances to come i would have posted last night but i came home and crashed (please tag other family member and friends of mine so the can see thx) #bestnightever #bestnightofmylife #bestfriend #crazynightout

Third in line met two new friends and waiting @kirakosarin to show up to meet her in person. #firstmeetandgreet #happy #nervous #excited #celebrities

Did this to my moms car when i found out it snow and she loves it

(im needing someone to talk to im so upset) I am now a single lady again. I though I found the purfect guy but apparently not im never going to give up on life becuz of one preson that was in my life but now has broken my heart and stepped away. I know i have friends and family out there that will talk to me & support me through the good time and the bad times. I know hes out there somewhere i just have to find him

Got to see my sister harley @harleychambers91 for x-mas. I haven't seen her in 2 years and today is her 26th birthday its a shock she could put up with us for 26 years. Plz comment down below and tell her happy birthday

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