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ARMAN ALBERTO  Christ is enough. @ARMANSCLIENTS @formula.nation/code:AFormula @simple_supplements/code:Arman20 @platemate_mealprep @dailydanelle/👨‍👩‍👧

All workouts powered by @formula.nation. Currently taking loco and pum’d as my pre workout and illa bcaa and glycofuse as my intra workout. Protein isoflex chocolate is a must for me! Pick up all your supps at the one place I trust. Check bio for code for daaaa free shipping!

Today felt like one of the longest days I’ve had in awhile. Today’s leg day workout with @_cutz_ was brutal I felt like yacking 🤦🏻‍♂️. But doing some mobility training before clients was perfect after a long leg day 🙌🏼 #ineedtodobicepsmore

January 2015 to April 2018. I told to be patient and stay consistent whenever she kept saying she didn’t see any progress. Hard work and consistency most definitely paid off. #transformationtuesday @la.chica.loca

Crazy hair while working out = itchy face and nose 💇🏻‍♂️ #youvebeenwarned

Kuya Mikey 4 weeks in 1.5month left before he leaves to the Philippines. He’s about to change even more. One of the funniest guys I’ve been able to train too lol. Great job so far @babesteph30as

This is me trying to be an Instagram model.

This dude is doing greatttt. Not just with his fitness goals, but with his overall health. Our goal is to bulk up, we started at 2,600 calories in late Feb just to see where we were at. He continued to lose weight so every week we’ve been adding calories to his plan. Ever since we’ve done that he just keeps getting leaner haha. Nowhere close to being done but this guy is determined to get where he wants. Pics left to right (drinking days —> when we met —> present day)
But his fitness goals aren't what excites me about him. It’s his story and all that he’s been through. I train him online so we don’t get to see each other much, but I was able to workout with him a few times and he’s been able to share his story. Jose was in and out of the foster system and during his hs and college years he was doing all kinds of drugs and drinking a lot. He ended up going into rehab and wanted to change his life. Ever since then he’s been helping other people that are in the same situation he was in. His main goal is to help other people and get them better. He’s been clean ever since and uses fitness and eating clean as a way to stay focused. He’s also taking his NASM course to help others make a better life for themselves. I’m excited to see what God has planned for this dude and how many people he’s going to be able to reach out to with his story. #transformationtuesday

Since everyone’s doing it, happy #nationalsiblingday

Mobility training and cleaning up before training clients today. Starting this new mobility training program that pretty excited about 😎. Super lonnnng night training clients, all types of fun tho 👌

Intensity is coming back. It’s hard for me not to train without a goal. Trying to not take my workouts so “casually” and making every set & rep count.

Single arm dumbbell rows, I used to hate doing these just because I get so exhausted after. But knowing that it’s essential to helping build a bigger back, I force myself to do them lol. I was aiming for 8-12 reps on each side. Hit 11 reps on my left side and 10 reps on my right. I usually start off with my left side just because my right lat is kind of bigger than my left lat, and there’s a chance I might do less reps on the second side like I did here.

#tbt to that one time Ariel had me winning overalls. Miss these days. He’s been trying to convince me to get back in to it, I kinda usually always listen to him lol. Happy birthday @_cutz_!

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