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Arlene Dickinson  iPhone pics by me of nature, people & places. These are the pics/days of my life. I used to apply filters to nature, people & places. Now I don't.

kawaakari (n)
The glow of a river in the darkness; surface of a river gleaming in the darkness; gleam on a river at dusk

I will never get tired of this view. #theriverhouse.

Doria Ragland showed up today for every one of us single moms that are out there. She is graceful, strong & beautiful. She showed up large as she sat there unaccompanied. And speaking as an older single mom too, often sitting alone at meaningful events, she’s a significant role model for her daughter and the world. You will read too much about how she sat alone as if that’s a reflection on her - somehow a bad or negative thing. Such rubbish. She sat alone and strong. Incredibly comfortable in her own skin and knowing what she stands for and who she is there for. I adore her. #MeghanHarry #doriaragland

Spring 🌸💖

Last day in the Den and @lanemerrifield is playing dress up. As a dragon. But he is one. Should I explain the concept of dress up to him? 🙄😉

These pics are for all the moms doing the very best they can each and every day. My daughter posted this cake she made for my grandsons birthday party. If you can’t tell lol that first pic is what it was supposed to be and the second one is how it actually turned out 😂 Goals vs Reality. I say she nailed it.!! The goal is to do your very best at being a mom and to laugh when you make cakes that look like this but know they still taste full of love and joy. Being a mom isn’t easy. And you’re never perfect. My grandson told her she couldn’t use it for the party but he would eat it anyhow. And that it tasted delicious. Kids ❤️

I particularly like the diamond in the tooth. Adds a nice “warm” touch to the bag don’t you think? 😬 #skullduggery #waiterihaveadiamondinmytooth #becausewhoknowswhy #diamondsareaskullsbestfriend #bagsandfashion #berlinfind

Season 13 Dragons Den. So much fire this season!!

Morning! Reflecting on my many blessings today and feeling so grateful for all the support, encouragement and love that I am surrounded by. ❤️

My talented niece @ealebaron visiting the set of @cbcdragon today. A singer well worth well listening to. #season13 #dragonsden

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