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fanpage account ☁️  ☾fanpage update account ☾ariana is queen and all haters can suck my ass. ☾recent update: Focus - Ariana Grande 10/30/15 ☁️


how cute would it be to meet this queen 👑 #arianagrande #queen #cutie #arianagrandefamily

shes so cute ugh. #arianagrande @arianagrande

the music video was bomb 🌮 #arianagrande #focus @arianagrande

done with focus spam but on snapchat, (moonlightbae) apparently she said no one has rang on her doorbell for candy and she was gettin mad and i was like tf i would run a mile to get to you ☁️ BC UR SO FAR AWAAAYYYYYY #arianagrande #halloween @arianagrande

her squad is stronger than most peoples relationships. dead. 💀💀☁️ #arianagrande #focus @arianagrande

so i was listening to focus and scrolling through the comments and one made me snort. "is this a cosmetic advertisement" omg ahsbsidhdndijd sorry that was funnier in my head 💀 #arianagrande #focus @arianagrande

pffft i can do that. ☁️💀 #arianagrande

bit of a focus spam :) so i'll start doing qotd's tmrw? #arianagrande #focus

☾sooooooooo i feel like i should start doing qotd's ☁️ #arianagrande

me looking for my weave on october 30th #focus #weave #arianagrande

when you cant compare yourself to ariana grande 🤓 #arianagrande

can you guys give me a shoutout 💀 i just started this acc a few hours ago. ty! #arianagrande

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