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Arishfa khan❤  Rise and Shine Pretty girl❤ Snapchat-Arishfakhan🌸 Twitter-arishfakhan138 Youtube Channel_Arishfa khan Official!

First with Shadow baby💕😭 @wearearishfababies miss you dher saara😭 Every dog is the dog in the world but mine is my favourite❤ first and best 😭🤘💕 (made by @ arishfakhan03 with ) ♬ Ik vaari - Arijit singh #mybestbaby #mycutuuu #loveyoushona #missyoubahutsaara #gonnameetyousoon #cutuuulalu #puchku😭💕 #seeyoubaby😭💕❤

i'm not perfect, i'm me. I've made bad decisions and wrong choices, but i'm me. i've said the wrong things, i've said the right things, because i'm me! I don't like everything I've done, but i did it because i'm me. I've loved the wrong people and trusted the wrong people and i'm still me. If i had a chance to start again, i would't change a thing. Why? because i'm me.
There are a lot of good things about me, you just need to look past the Imperfections to see what's right. If you can't do that than it's you loss. I'm best I can be. I am ME🌷

This is my favourite picture and your's?😭🔥
Pc: always mine my baby💕
@arisha_khan_ak 💕❤

No beauty shines brighter than that a GOOD HEART❤
Pc: always mine my baby💕❤🌸@arisha_khan_ak

Just say Whatever and Keep Going🔥 #whatever #myfamousdialouge❤
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Pc: @arisha_khan_ak

In every girl there is a queen👑
Pc: @arisha_khan_ak

Hope is the only thing Stronger than fear🍁
Pc: @arisha_khan_ak

Thank you all for 89k Family on🌷 come fast 90k! #chanamereya #rabirkapoor❤ (made by @ arishfakhan03 with )♬ channa Mereya-Pritam #channamereya #rabirkapoor #anushkasharma #aishwaryarai #bollywood #bollywoodindia #music #musiclover #89kfollowersonmusically #loveyouall. Follow me for more!🔥

She Belived
She Could
She did🔥

I am rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. THE BELOVED🌷
Photography by- pretty me🌸

Thank you so much @Pradeepkumar6617 sir and @rgcliks sir For the Gifts💕❤ Love you Sir Will miss you a lot😢 wanna meet you sir😭💕 sorry if i missed someone🔥

Thank you everyone for 88.9k 🔥please come fast 100k! i am so Happy❤ keep loving me keep supporting me💞 thank you and guyys follo me @ arishfakhan03 #thankyouarshiversandarishifians👑

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