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Arin Fishkin  Graphic designer for good: good causes and good ideas. Likes: pina coladas, getting caught in the rain. Available for projects - [email protected]

Borrowing this beautiful shot of the new @lemaraisbakery logo being gilded onto the windows of the new Castro location. Can't wait for this place to open!

Our new @lemaraisbakery logo being gilded by @nbsigns @newbohemiavintage in the Castro right now!

When your logo is on a cake to celebrate 10 years of free or low cost solar donated to schools, hospitals and do-gooding places in Nevada 😁. And it's also the end of a beautiful and successful run. 😢. So proud to have had this logo appear on more types of swag than I knew existed. Thank you Black Rock Solar!

Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might! Regram from @bonfirefly12 representing women's day in a Fishkin tee (available at thanks for asking)

For a good time and a healthy democracy, fire and investigate Jeff Sessions for perjury and treason. #liar

Almost logos - 2 ideas that never were for Le Marais Bakery in SF. Watch this space to see the rest of the set and the ultimate winner.

This person is a reader in all locations.

Browsing through Japantown I spotted my own work in a book about San Francisco grocery store design! Holy wow, day, week, month made.

The GOP is not healthy for children and other living things. Trump's presidency is dangerous to all Americans, the GOP remains quiet, refusing to investigate conflicts of interest, taxes and seemingly treasonous and traitorous acts. One of the great things about our country was an intelligent 2 party system - I'd like to bring that back again.

It's a beautiful day for impeachment. Act up, act frequently and resist every day.

Hey Science, Happy Valentines Day! I know its been hard on you lately, and the haters gonna hate, but we're gonna fight for your right to stay sciencey.

Thank you to our heroine Elizabeth Warren. We will resist, we will persist. And now I'm so thoroughly pissed off I could punch something. This snowflake is turning into a fireball of rage. You can grab this graphic as a free download tomorrow from

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