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  Arianator forever🤞 I dream to meet the one that makes my heart beat, Ari😔 Best day ever DW tour 09.06.17🏹 You are our moon and we are your stars🌙✨

New draw of Ari ♡I hope you like it🌙 @arianagrande

4 is out🙊! It's the final which Ari's photo will win? Vote un comments the photo you like least she will be eliminated I remind you that it's 1 one for 1 people I love you kiss😘❤️🌙

I love you bby Ari❤️🦄🌈 @arianagrande

6 is out🙊! Vote in comments the photo you like least she will be eliminated❤️

Again good birthday bby I love you and we love you forever nothing will break this crazy love with you our queen!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎂 @arianagrande

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIANA🎂❤️🌙😘💞 @arianagrande (made by @bocasfemale )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY ARI WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!🎂❤️❤️❤️🌙 @arianagrande (made by @bocasfemale )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN @arianagrande 🎂👑🌙(made by @bocasfemale )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN @arianagrande 🎂👑😍 (made by @bocasfemale )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN🎂👑😍(made by @bocasfemale )

Happy birthday Ariana from all Arianators🎂 We love you so much, how to say to you how we love you? You are the one who makes our hearts beat💓 thank you for be on this terrible world, thank you for all. You are the most beautiful and dangerous woman of this world🌎you are so strong, so nice, so funny... What to say more you are just perfect✨The only reason why I am born is for you, for support you... I would like to be able to follow you every where💞, to be able to see you again and above all to realize my biggest dream to meet you and I hope to succeed this dream during your next tour💭. I was present at the concert of June 9 in Lyon and as soon as I saw you I cried it was incredible I miss you I want you in my arms to be able to make you a kiss, hugs, speak to you💔... Know that you are the most important thing in my eyes because without you I would not be there, I would not be the one I am, I started to follow you when I left the hospital more than 2 years ago, it is you who gave me back taste to life and I would thank you enough for all that you do for us😘. As soon as I listen to one of your songs I cry as soon as I see you on a photo or a video I cry because you are so important in my life and that of all the Arianators, you are just incredible you are so talented😭. Here I know that you will never read my message but I love you do not forget it! Remains strong, beautiful, kind, funny, and important. I'll leave you there bby otherwise my tears will never stop flowing.💞😘#ARIBIRTHDAY
Thank you for all, we so proud of you and to be Arianators😘🌙@arianagrande

@arianagrnde_fanss is doing a international giveaway thank you for doing that!❤️❤️

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