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CAMRYN NOTICED ×3 SJJ 11/11/17  iF i hAd A pEnNy fOr evERyTimE i wAsn'T cOOl, i hAvE *inhales* nO penNIes

Sketch of @vanessamerrell ❤❤please tag her❤

🍒 -
Not that proud but i had to post !pleaseeee tag my gurl @arianagrande cause ilh sfm and dont let this flop!!!!! #ariana #grande #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing

♡ -pleaseeeeee dont let this flop and tag @arianagrande and her crew down below bbysss♡ #arianagrande #art #arianagrandedrawings #arianagrandedrawing #ari #ariana #fanart

💜🎤break up, make up, total waste of time 🎤💜 SOOOOOO PROUDDDDDD!please repost (with creds) if ya want and also tag queen @arianagrande down below and tell me what u think💜💜💜 #art #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

I dont really like this but please tag @arianagrande down below♡♡

"You can feel it feel it.."
SUPER PROUD OF THISSSSSS!Please tag @arianagrande down below DONT LET THIS FLOP I SPENT 2 DAYS

♡simple sketch of @arianagrande ♡ please tag her down below and tell me what you think (the eyes r a lil ugly but watchu gonna do)

Not that proud but stilllllll♡

Pleaseee tag @arianagrande down below♡dont let this flop n vomment down below if u like it:)

" you are a princess to the public but a freak when it's time 💘 "
A drawing from "the way" MV !!kinda happy and proud of this idk but please tag @arianagrande and her crew down below♡ #arianagrandedrawings #arianagrande

Drawing of @vanessamerrell ♡please tag her im kinda proud♡hope she sees this (ps. Sprry for reposting)

guys pls tag @zhavia down below and tell me what u think♡ sorry for the low quality:((((

-collab with the most amazing human in the world, @jorge_drawings - 🌙❤ we finally collab yasss!!! he sketched, i colored
please tag @sza down below and tell me what u think❤

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