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over this  iF i hAd A pEnNy fOr evERyTimE i wAsn'T cOOl, i hAvE *inhales* nO penNIes

-my one-
Please tag @arianagrande down below and tell me what you think💕 @brilovelife @dave_meyers @grandeartfeatures #grandeartfeatures

Hi this is my 2nd post today.but it could prolly be my last one🙊.since like last year ive got 4k followers.after some time that i was still active af, i started to lose i got, we are left with (for now) 1999 followers, which really dissapoints me.first of all, thank you to the true followers that like my every post,im super thankful of you, but why would smbdy follow you for your content and then unfollow you because of nothing.nothing still drawing and posting, im still here!but, i want to make a fresh start.i want you guys to comment down below if you want me to make another drawig my followers can come and not unfollow for no apparent reason.theres no pressure, its totally optional.but im still gonna be drawing stuff, just in a different acc that starts from 0 followers.also, if you think that i should make another acc, tell me if you will follow it.ill prolly make another acc in 1 or 2 days, depending on the votes.please vote down below if i should or not.cause if i shouldnt do it, whats the point? Everyone keeps unfollowing me.welp, this is propbaly goodbye, ill check on the you

Heres a lil doodle i made of @camrynmary @ 3 in the morning.please tag her i rlly want her to see this

"Even when its raining down , can't stop so shut your mouth"🌙🌌🌈
Pleaseeee tag @arianagrande i worked my ass off for this. #arianators #ariana #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

You're such a dream to me..♡ @loren @lorenxgray #angelsquad #lorengraydrawings #loren

The quality n lighting was terrible.enjoy.pls tag @arianagrande .luv yall v much x #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings been gone for so much here to apologize about the major inactivity on this just rlly kinda over it, cause i appreciate its follower but wow ffs not even the 1/4 of yall like my posts.if u followed, why would u unfollow or just be a ghost here.anyways.i wanted to share this drawing w u, even though im 100% sure u guys will ignore it or hate it.i just wanted to clearify this and also hbday to the loml, @arianagrande.ily bye x

🍒 -
Not that proud but i had to post !pleaseeee tag my gurl @arianagrande cause ilh sfm and dont let this flop!!!!! #ariana #grande #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing

💜🎤break up, make up, total waste of time 🎤💜 SOOOOOO PROUDDDDDD!please repost (with creds) if ya want and also tag queen @arianagrande down below and tell me what u think💜💜💜 #art #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

"You can feel it feel it.."
SUPER PROUD OF THISSSSSS!Please tag @arianagrande down below DONT LET THIS FLOP I SPENT 2 DAYS

Not that proud but stilllllll♡

Pleaseee tag @arianagrande down below♡dont let this flop n vomment down below if u like it:)

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