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Arif FlowStylez 💀  | BLAQUENEEZ | LEGACY DANCE CO | Danzpeople Tuesday, Beginner Hip Hop : 6.30pm Thursday, Beginner Urban : 8.30pm Sunday, Adv Beg Hip Hop : 3.30pm

Be Alright - @deanlewismusic

My god. Today’s class was something else. I don’t have the words to express how inspired and moved by the dancers in class today! I taught an intensive class but they pushed through and still implemented their own stories into the choreography. Mistakes aside but these dancers,literally just danced and that’s more than I can ever ask for in class! Thank you for today. I received more than I gave for class today and it’s thanks to every single one of you! ❤️

Dancing with this knee is definitely affecting how I move and it was difficult to keep up with these girls @diahazman, @helloimhy, @wongxueyingg, @bverlychue and @hiddynwh. Watch how they move in the next video and I hope you feel something from their story! My god you girls are something else,really 🙌🏼❤️

JG! ❤️ I am proud to see you pushing through in class and asking questions when you are uncertain! Keep at it and I’m certain you’ll go far! Stay grounded but stay hungry to grow! I’ll be there every step of the way with @happyliangliang 🙆🏻

And the rest of students in class! Don’t worry about making mistakes! We learn from them! What’s important is the process and I hope you understand that! Keep pushing and don’t stop! 🔥❤️💯


Birthday post for @itskevng ✌🏻

This goes out to another one of my Ohana and it’s my little brother’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL BRO! I have so much to say to you and so much to be thankful for with you around! First and foremost,thanks for being someone who is so reliable whenever I am in need of someone to talk to. The last few weeks,you were there during my injury and I cannot be more grateful for that! Even though you didn’t need to be there,you selflessly accompanied me to the hospital for my physio! Secondly,you’re a huge motivation to me! Last year,I got closer to you and Farhan and I have to say that I cherish that bond a lot! You guys push me in my dance and my freestyle and I can’t wait to keep going on this journey with you and the rest of the crew! YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL AND I PRAY THAT YOU WILL BE BLESSED IN YOUR DANCE JOURNEY AND HOPE THAT YOU’LL REACH YOUR GOALS IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I’ll be here having your back and I’ll guide you in whatever ways I can (maybe I can guide you about special awareness. HAHAHA). Till then,let’s continue working hard in our craft! LOVE YOU LIL BRO ❤️🙆🏻


Makes Me Wonder - @ellamai

So this was what happened last Thursday for my Beginner Urban choreography class. Taking a small break from the story telling classes and instead,wanted to do something more fun and lighthearted. It was great to see everyone just having fun in class despite the challenges! A huge thanks to everyone who came for class and pushed through. I really appreciate it 🙏🏻❤️ Keep on going 🔥🔥

Do watch the other dancers in class working it 🔥💯😍


Have Mercy - @erynallenkane

Re-uploaded because there was something wrong with one of the videos yesterday. Was extremely thankful for this class because it made me feel a certain way. It was one of those classes that had it’s stumbles here and there but at the end of the day,the students managed to push through. Know that I am grateful for all of you and that I look forward to Thursday’s because I get to teach this class. ❤️

And to @helloimhy ,you already know what I said in the original posts yesterday. You are a special mover for such a young dancer. I look forward to seeing you grow. 🙆🏻 You came and you left your own mark in class. Thank you for that 🙏🏻


Gravity - @johnmayer

Nothing but good vibes in this class! Just wanting to portray the freedom that we can have in both our lives and movements with this class. Choreographing this piece was challenging because of the handkerchief but it was worth cracking my brains for it. The class portrayed what I wanted and I cannot wait for more of such classes ❤️ Thank you everyone 🙆🏻🔥💯 Keep going at it! 👍🏻 Thanks for making all of my Thursday classes special. It’s all you! 😭


Gravity - @johnmayer

Ahhh...what a refreshing class this was. I am so extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to be doing this every single Thursday with students like these in class! I really cannot put words into this. Week in & week out,I am constantly getting inspired by them and the individuality that they portray in class. What else can I ask for? Thanks for coming to class and just goofing around and being free. All of you are amazing ❤️

We don’t need to succumb to others expectations and demands. Just be free and enjoy what comes your way.

P.S. I didn’t dubbed over the music so I apologize for my sudden outbursts here and there. 😂



What a journey it has been. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of struggles. Lots of blessings. But most importantly,lots of lessons learnt. I think as I age,I tend to be more appreciative of the smaller things in life rather than anything else. It has not been easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reason why I say this is because there are others out there who’s having it way worse than me but they are more thankful for everything.

The reason for this post is to thank those who came in and out of my life for the past 25 years. We crossed paths for a reason,be it good or bad. I know I ain’t a saint but I try to be a better person each day,week,year and hopefully one day,I’ll become the person I want to be. I have zero use for negative energy and I hope to find strength in myself to stay away from it or cultivate it within me. It takes time but for now,I am happy. Happy to be around my family,both biological and dance. Those who stayed,thank you. Those who left,thank you. Because without you,I won’t be the person I am today. Give me time. I’ll be a better dancer,instructor,teacher,choreographer,friend,brother and most importantly,a better person. Here’s to growth and trust. ✌🏻


Blackout 2018.

Thankful to have been given the opportunity to judge for this year’s @blackoutsg18! And also,the honour of sitting beside these amazing judges! @thisisbenzo @xavvyt and @xu3huiii! 😍 It was such a surreal feeling to be sitting on the judging panel of a showcase competition instead of competing in it! And I have to say I’ve learnt a lot more than I initially thought I would and it’s all thanks to each and every single team that went up to compete.

To all the teams,thank you for showing us pieces that you committed your time in and for showing us what you represented as a dancer and a crew! Points & placings aside,I believe the journey was the best prize you’ve gotten out of this. So don’t devalue that. Take that and work towards GREATER HEIGHTS. There is no end to growth! Keep going at it! Very humbled by today and it only inspired me to create better,train harder and think further! Also to the teams that approached me asking for feedbacks,I am deeply humbled that you wanted to hear my take on your pieces. Hopefully,what was said by me was constructive for you and your crew 🙏🏻 Blessed for today and definitely grateful to @danzpeople for believing in me! I’ll continue giving back in any way I can for y’all! ❤️


“Please have mercy on me” - @shawnmendes

This the ONLY video from class today because I wanted the class to be absorbed in watching the way other dancers moved to the same choreography,which is the same reason why there was no solo. Because I personally feel a class this special doesn’t require a solo because it’s the dancers class and I truly believed in that. To everyone that came tonight,thank you thank you thank you. I am deeply humbled and appreciative of every single one who came through for class and really just going for it. All of you made today’s class so so special to me and I’m incredibly moved! Ahhh. I am speechless. I’m just thankful for y’all. Keep going and keep growing. And I’ll do my part to keep growing so that I can help all of you grow as well. Today I learnt a lot just by watching your stories. Thank you. Y’all moved me today ❤️❤️

Intention was simple. I just wanted everyone to release some pent up frustrations. The mirror represents a door and beyond that door is something that is personal to each dancer. Shawn Mendes was singing about a girl but for today’s class,I shared with the dancers that they can choose ANYTHING. It can be themselves beyond the door,their journeys,their goals. It doesn’t matter but what I wanted to see was everyone just letting the voice out with their bodies and I believe they did today. 😭


Angel’s Cry - @mariahcarey feat @neyo.

Taking a step back from all the heavy emotions and deep approaches. Instead,just wanted to move to a song that has a simple feel and a simple meaning to it! I really don’t have much to say for today’s class other than I am so happy with how everyone took the choreography and challenged themselves to move with simplicity rather than over complicating the steps and get stressed out over it.

Like I’ve mentioned in class,time and time again,I want my students to discover something new about themselves in class and understand that it’s okay to let go in the studio! I also understand that in order for that to happen,I will need to provide a safe environment for them to let go and hopefully,my classes at @danzpeople will be exactly that. Deeply humbled for those who signed up for my item this year and looking forward to creating new friendships and memories with my students! Keep on going! ❤️

Thank you for dancing with me @daleneeelyk @nfj15 and @diahazman 🙌🏼


Freak On - Teyana Taylor Feat Chris Brown

Feels so good to be back teaching my Tuesday’s class at @danzpeople after a week of reservist. Even though it was a short 1 week,I could feel that my body forgot how to move but it’s alright. I’m back to my hustle again and that’s that.

Am really appreciative to have these students in class yesterday! From my regulars,to the new faces and especially rare guests such as @puayson @sandy.natalia & @felix_wolfgang. Can we take a moment and appreciate how these dancers moved and made my routine their own?!? But to everyone else who’s constantly pushing in my classes,your efforts aren’t gonna be left unnoticed! Yes,there’s still so much more we can do to understand our bodies and how it moves,so let’s always work towards that week in,week out! Till then,keep hustling! ❤️🔥

P.S. Special shoutout to the students from Hwa Chong! All the best for your preparation towards A level! Dance when you can but put your studies first! 💪🏻


To the woman who took a gamble with me by bringing me under her wings, @kaytewillis.

A very Happy 32nd Birthday to you. There is so much I can type here but let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me for the past 5 years. You’ve been nothing but an amazing dance mom to me. Not only did you guide me in dance but you taught me about life,about responsibilities and about taking ownership of what I do. I want to wish you an abundance of health,wealth and definitely,happiness. Now that you’re gonna be a mom,I pray that you will be able to lead a happy household with @alifaircho! We’ll be there to help you if you ever need us just like how you were there for us when we were in need of help. Thanks for trusting me and I hope one day,I’ll be able to make you proud! ❤️ P.S. I AM EXCITED TO SEE BABY BOOGIE 👶🏼


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