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“Let’s slow it down for me baby” & “That good ship”

Taught 2 back to back classes for the first time and it was hella tiring! But it was worth it! Thank you everyone for pushing in both classes with me! Keep the energy going! Can’t wait for next week because it’s gonna be an Empire week! 🔥💯🙌🏼

First video : My Hip Hop beginner class with the sisters! @shirley_terra & @trinity_xuefen! 💯
Second video : Replacing @fazzyywazzyy class! Tried to craft something along the lines of how he approach his class and I hope I did him proud! 💯 thanks @felix_wolfgang for the dope video! ✌🏻

Dance makes everything better and I’m looking forward to sessions this week! LET’S GEDDIT! 🔥🔥🔥


Video Diary.

I plucked up the courage to take my first contemporary class in 2018 and what better way to learn from @shiorikamijo and @entitycontemporarydance. I am not a contemporary dancer and I lack the fundamentals of this beautiful genre but i want to learn and appreciate this particular way of moving. So uncomfortable but that doesn’t matter. I am happy just knowing that I will be learning from these amazing people for the next couple of days. 🙏🏻🙆🏻

What @willearnston told me just now really sparked something. “It’s just movement. There’s is nothing to be intimidated about”. And I realised that I gave myself so much excuses to not take contemporary classes because I was not flexible enough or I don’t have the capabilities to do it. This year,I shall make it a point to venture into unfamiliar waters and use that to better improve my movement. Thankful for @13fas and @felix_wolfgang for the encouragement because I needed it just now. ❤️

“Being uncomfortable is good. If you are afraid to try something different,it’s okay. Take your time. But remember,learning should always be uncomfortable. Always be a student” - note to myself.


“You could be my Cinderella~”

Just felt like teaching this song because the weather has been gloomy and rainy for the past few days. HAHAHA. A bit no link but I like @chrisbrownofficial’s verse so yeah! 💯

Thank you everyone for pushing through in class! Lots of 8s but I am happy I see growth in class! I am very blessed to be doing this because of what I receive from my students every week! Keep going and I promise I will do my best every week for y’all! 🙏🏻😊

Next week,I am gonna be using Finesse so let’s get it guys 🔥🔥 Bring your colorful clothes on! 🙌🏼

📸 : @felix_wolfgang


“Baby I’m fragile”

First Beginner Urban class of the year happened today. Really love the song so gotta credit my Brother @heryphant for the recommendation! 🙌🏼

Next to the students who came and stayed for questions 🙏🏻 Really hope I was able to share something for y’all to bring back and question what you can do better for the next class or any other class as a matter of fact.

Next to my Brother @fazzyywazzyy! Really honoured to have you in class! Also very happy to know that we are part of the same faculty so we can keep growing together 🔥❤️ till next time Brother!! •


“And now I got a bellyache”

So this was what went down for my first class of 2018! I can still remember my very first class in Danzpeople last year and the first class choreography I did to Chunky. Can’t believe a year passed by that quickly. Lots of ups and downs,lessons learnt from last year and I cannot wait to keep learning and growing this year. But also to continue teaching my class at a consistent driven level so that they look forward to every class! Here’s to the year ahead class! 🙌🏼

Now I have 2 addition class slots on top of my usual Tuesday’s at @danzpeople!
Beginner Urban (Thursday,8.30pm) - Going to focus on story telling or body movement/language to the song in class.
Advance Beg Hip Hop (Sunday,3.30pm) - A more challenging take on my Tuesday’s class.
So come down to my first official Thursday slot and let’s tell a story with our bodies. 🔥💯

Looking forward to this year with the Danzpeople faculty. Planning so much for the year so let’s get it! 💪🏻


“Replay Replay Replay~”

So this was my way of paying tribute to the late Jonghyun! This was the first song I heard from Shinee and I got hooked on them ever since. Anyways,thanks for coming down for my last class of 2017! Just having fun with some foundations and a different set of movements for certain layers! Really appreciate the presence of all the students that took my classes this year and i cannot wait to pay it forward to all of you in 2018! Keep having the mindset of accepting new things and trust me,you’ll break out of that shell one day! I cannot wait to see the growth in my students next year just like how they grew this year! 😭🙆🏻

First video : Me, @lirongg & @alexojy
Second video : A bunch of talented young girls.
Third video : The regular ladies in my class.
Fourth video : Everyone.

Anyways,I’ll have an urban class next year and I’ll focus more on Hip Hop in my Tuesday,6.30pm slot. Let’s push next year and keep growing! 🔥💯


Every holiday season is an excuse for us to come together and just enjoy the company of one another. Be it to watch movies,cook ridiculously huge amount of food,snack on snacks,playing board games and having late night till morning talks.

2017 has been a year filled with more downs than ups for me personally but one thing that’s always constant is these guys right here. Yes,there are other missing people in this photo but in general,the friendship that I forged and strengthened was the one thing that kept me going. So this goes out to my close friends and friends that are like family to me,have a happy holiday today and thank you for being a constant in my life,willingly or unwillingly. I appreciate you. ❤️🙆🏻

And special thanks to @lirongg for hosting us at her place. 🙆🏻


“That’s what I represent till I die”

YEAHHH! Managed to get my ass back in @alifaircho’s class after missing so many of them due to other commitments! You can always count on this guy to come up with something fresh and challenging every week 🙌🏼 This combo was challenging but also,it was so much fun to do! Thanks for the class bro! 🙏🏻

Dancing with the @danzpeople faculty @lirongg & @happyliangliang and the special guest @ashleyygohh (such a beast) 🔥🔥 Excited for 2018 because there’s gonna be a new wave of change coming your way! Keep a look out! 💯✌🏻


“Come on,come on,girl why you frontin. Baby show me something~”

Thank you for coming down for my 2nd last class of 2017. It’s been a hell of ride this year with all the students in class. Thank you for believing in me and constantly pushing yourself in my class. Next week will be my last final class of 2017 so do come down and vibe/push in class! LET’S GO! 🔥💯

Dancing with amazing friends who came for class! @andrea_andie @felix_wolfgang & @lirongg! 2 being DP’s new faculty ❤️ and 1 being a NRA junior that I cherish a lot. Lots of freaking growth in this girl! So proud of you Andie!! 🙏🏻❤️ Really thank you for sharing your style with the whole class. Really appreciate it friends! 😭

Special appearance from @alifaircho, @farzizzles, @ghettogoo and thank you @mdnmardiana for the good video! 😍


“Put it down on me”

Dancing with bae @felix_wolfgang in this one feat @alifaircho’s finger. HAHAHAHA. Don’t like my execution at all but I do see a difference with how I move earlier this year and now. At least,there’s that tiny bit of growth in this style and you can always rely on @kaytewillis to come up with a class routine that’s both fun and challenging to do! I am getting the drive back to take classes because my knee injury is slowly going away and my outside commitments have died down so I can focus on being a student! 🔥🔥

Cannot wait to be back teaching at Danzpeople next week because my shows will be done by then. 💯💯 and just to promote,Zaini is one of DP’s new faculty. Do come for his class because he has lots to teach 🙏🏻🙌🏼



Got to keep going at it. So much more to learn and experience! 🔥💯

On a side note,I miss teaching my Tuesday classes and I cannot wait to be back in 2 weeks time! Shall continue exploring so I can teach something new when I’m back!



After a whole week of show rehearsals last week,I am glad to be back training again! Working on the feedbacks that was given to me just now and so,I squeezed in time to video down 2 rounds! So much to work on but I will not give up! More to go! 🔥🔥💯💯

Thanks @alifaircho & @fazzyywazzyy for the comments today! Crafting my dance to the direction i want it to go! 🙏🏻
📷 : @_wirsz


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