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Ariel Kaplan  Aussie actress. PT. Vegan.

New video is up, peeps! Watch me surprise @deancoops with what is hands down the best meal I have ever made. I'm thinking of filming a Q+A tomorrow so send me absolutely any questions you want to know! Any topic at all! Comment down below with what you've always wanted to know about me (I realise no one has ever wanted to know anything about me that badly) and I'll do my best to answer them all! Link in bio! ❤ Don't forget to leave me a comment and subscribe if you'd like!

I'm finally starting to understand the whole 'pain is beauty' saying. Session 3 at @laserclinics complete and it's fair to say I'm never going back to the hairy side 🙋🏻 Hands down the best beauty related decision I've ever made. (Still refuse to do anything else remotely painful for the enhancement of appearance) #wishiwasaboysometimes #laserclinicsemporium

So, I thought @deancoops was good at everything. I may have been wrong. If you're interested in seeing me look as ugly as possible, highly recommend clicking the link in my insta bio 💁🏻

How is it that the past 6 months have flown by in the blink of an eye, but at the same time, it feels as if I've known you my whole life. It hurts my brain, but makes my heart happier than I could have ever imagined possible. Here's to 29347 more months of laughing (mainly at my expense) together @deancoops.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life & my favourite person in the entire world - @deancoops. I'm 150% sure that I'm the annoying girlfriend that doesn't stop talking about you to everyone but it's your own fault for being so god damn perfect. I know people think we're crazy for how in love we are, but from the moment I stumbled across your dimples, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to force you to be mine forever. I genuinely can't wait to celebrate a life time of birthdays together (sucks to be you). I love you the mostest and always will. ❤

'My transformation' video is now live! This is the video I've been wanting to make for a very, very long time. I truly hope that it helps some of you or even just sheds a bit light on what I and so many have gone/do go through. Link in Insta bio ❤PS - I'm filming tomorrow, so comment below what you want to see because I haven't decided yet!

Completely and utterly OBSESSED with my new hair, thanks to a literal hair GOD - @nicklovelock_capellilunghi. Guys, prior to my appointment @capellilunghisalon, my hair was like a ratchet old birds nest and somehow Nick made it look like this, so I can confirm he is a wizard. Such a beautiful salon and beautiful staff. 15/10 recommend! ❤

Just finished filming a video about 'My Transformation' that I posted about last week on insta. It's definitely my favourite and most personal video so far, and I really hope it can help some of you guys who sent along so many questions and so much support. It'll be up on my channel early next week, so go subscribe if you wanna get a notification when it's uploaded. Link to channel in bio! ✨

Just uploaded this make up look using all vegan, cruelty free & afforable make up ❤ Link in bio!

The only time I take my @cottononbody pj's off is when Mum legitimately forces me to put them in the wash. Obsessed is a serious understatement. ✨

It's been quite a while since I shared my mental/physical health journey with you guys and thanks to @elletayla's most recent post, I was reminded to never stop speaking out about what I am most passionate about. I have been at every spectrum when it comes to my mental and physical health. In the photo on the left, I was constantly starving, cold and depressed. My hair was falling out, I pushed everyone close to me away and to be honest, that whole year of my life is a blur. I had lost sight of reality and my priorities in life, and my mind was completely controlled by numbers, food and being perfect. Fast forward a year or so on, I overcome my anorexia, but was unable to find a happy medium and began overeating all of the wrong foods. I no longer moved my body in any way and while I was certainly healthier than I had been when I was ill, my body was still begging for me to treat it with the kindness and respect that it deserved. I still wasn't happy within myself and I believed that this was all due to my weight and appearance, but nowadays I know how wrong I was.
It took me years but I finally realised that loving who you are is a lot more in depth then the number on a scale or how you look in a bikini. So here I am today, the photo on the right - no, I am not the most toned girl with the best abs in the world but do you know what I am? I am happy. I am healthy. I am fit. I am alive. I am lucky. And I am really proud.
Don't get me wrong, I still have many a day where I feel down and unhappy with my appearance but the difference is now I tell that silly part of my brain to 'f*** off' because I realise that, that stuff doesn't matter one single bit. I have the best family, the most incredible boyfriend and wonderful friends who love me no matter what, so why the hell shouldn't I love myself just as much.
I can run 20km, I can lift weights, I can box, I can push my body - because now it respects me the way I respect it. And I think that's pretty freaking amazing.
So here's your reminder - if you're waiting for that wake up call or that sign that now is the time to take control of your health then this is it. Make memories that count and make yourself proud ❤

As promised, The Boyfriend Tag just went live! New video on my channel featuring this set of dimples. ❤ Link in bio!

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