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Brave young activists just shut down a Trump administration event at the U.N. climate talks that shilled shamelessly for the coal and nuclear industry. They burst into song and then demanded an end to fossil fuel extraction after stopping the event for several minutes, then rallied outside the event. #cop23 #climatechange

Today I visited Europe's largest open-pit coal mine with @democracynow, and it was visibly disgusting and destructive, just 60km from where Germany is congratulating itself on environmentalism at the U.N. climate talks. This mine literally has a restaurant, playground and beach chairs so you can watch the devastation in action. The activists in a treetop resistance camp in the forest trying to stop the mine at its borders, on the other hand, were delightful & very clear on the capitalism-CO2 connection (and clearly accomplished cooks and builders). #cop23 #climate #klimat #hambach #rwe #hambacherforst

California weekend in a nutshell - oakland history, cats, ocean, @mikepsweeney, fart jokes

spoopy #inktober

Wow, Buffy from 1997, take a chill pill

New work photos, do i look like a good worker? ☭

cats and cinnamon rolls and fall foliage and an itty bitty tent

queer & in love #nationalcomingoutday

✨pesto change-o!✨

📸 Selfie by @aiww. Feeling really inspired today about the power of art to subvert government repression

Got a new tee shirt in time for Punderdome tonight 🤘

Last day of summer 😘 biked 32 miles, ran 3 and swam in the ocean

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