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ariel boone  I am a Democracy Now! person and pun expert living in New York City

‪Had an amazing time at the O. Henry Pun-Off yesterday in Austin. I delivered a 2-minute prepared routine for "Punniest in Show" about immigrant detention using 46 tree puns, which went over REALLY well and got a good score and a standing o, and it was a miracle that I got off the wait-list to do it at the last minute. Plus I got to see ppl I adore duke it out in "Punslingers," too, and all the women at the event killed it--especially @aceofajoker with a #MeToo routine, and @ahoysamantha with a flawless piece on philosophers. Then we just drank Lone Star until dawn. Can't wait to come back. #PunOffATX

Highlights from a backpacking trip very close to home, hiking in the redwoods on the Skyline to the Sea trail from Waddell Beach up though Big Basin. Everything was in bloom, everyone brought a good attitude and great jokes, no one murdered me for my forest puns, and on the third day I finally started to shed the city and stopped worrying about how I was gonna fix my life and solve my problems. Best possible feeling 💚

S is for SLUG

Back from Austin, so good it's exhaustin! Got to take part in @woobeckeroo's kickass wedding & soak up 4.5 days of blue sky and green grass with @mikepsweeney, and we have a backpacking trip coming up in just 9 awesome days. My sunshine intake & capacity to persevere in my work back here in New York are directly proportional. #burnout

@woobeckeroo + 🥂 + 💏 = 😃

Crown Heights residents and their fellow New Yorkers took to the streets tonight to protest the police killing of Saheed Vassell—a 34-year-old father and immigrant, and a person with a disability. Many protesters made the point that especially in a gentrifying neighborhood, white people fearing their black and immigrant neighbors and calling the cops has deadly consequences. I met many people tonight who said they knew and remembered Saheed, and said he was kind. One woman remembers him walking her all the way to her house when she got off the train late at night. #saheedvassell

Are these them? The #most #millennial #avocados in existence?? #exciting

Activist, whistleblower, trans rights advocate, ICE abolitionist, prison abolitionist, Maryland U.S. Senate candidate and kind person Chelsea Manning (@xychelsea87).

Love to my @democracynow colleagues for covering the March for Our Lives today with lots of compassion. People were really excited to be out, and though school shootings are a small fraction of gun deaths in the U.S., lots of people were talking about local, community-based anticarceral work to end gun violence in all its forms. #marchforourlives

Spotted early this morning at the DC march, for my pun people. Two more votes from DC statehood would mean two more votes for gun control, many people here are pointing out. Lots of people carrying signs with photos of DC teens lost to gun violence. #marchforourlives

🎶 by the light, by the light, of the silvery moooooon... This was Williamsburg around midnight last night.

Just spent the cutest weekend with @mikepsweeney & so many of my NYC heart people, celebrating another year on the hurtling Earth spaceship. Miss you so much already.

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