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ARIE  BORN FREE 9 INVITED BUILDER ..VEE Choppers... North San Diego Text: (949) 302-5910 Email: Webstore⤵️

@big_nick75 @industrycustoms in the big German magazine with his Born Free 7 build. Really cool seeing this....But I can't read Z Deutsch. @custombike_magazine @daguruphotography #BornFreeShow

Knocked down the weld. A little hammer work and some block sanding to catch the low spots. #bf9 #bf9invitedbuilder

Burnin' on it. #bf9

Re shaped the fins a lil to match some of the other parts on the bike. #bf9invitedbuilder #bf9 #bornfreeshow

Got the fender and duck bill narrowed up. Pinched the tail end in a little at the end, but hard to see in this pic. I've always hated that stamped chevron-ish thing on the end but the profile kick up looked off with the end just lopped off, so I took the step out. Basically just cut it at the step up and welded back up. #bf9invitedbuilder #bf9 #BornFreeShow

Splicin Duck bills...🔪 #BF9 #BORNFREEshow #bf9invitedbuilder

All welded up for the most part. Double check motor fitment. Getting this little springer fit up and sitting right is the next hurdle. #BF9 #bf9invitedbuilder #BORNFREEshow

Got the better part of the scavenged frame parts cleaned up gusseted polished up and in their proper places. Almost done piecing this frame together. I changed a bunch of dimension a little bit. I checked the motor fitment earlier today and it's nice and tight. #bf9invitedbuilder #BORNFREEshow #BF9

Scored some Imperial covers from Billy at STD development a while back, I don't think Randy Smith or any of the other guys were making cast rocker covers till the late '60 but i figured with a little work I could make these look a little older styled. Sooo much speed equipment and hop up parts were being cast a lot earlier for hotrods. So here's my version of an earlier speed parts inspired rocker box. Reshaped the corners ,the fins and rounded the cover bolt stacks. Needs a little more refining and a final polish. #bf9invitedbuilder #BF9 #BORNFREEshow

My bud @spencer_machine trying to save me some time, milled out some cheater blocks for my floor boards. I spent a little time behind the Burr King doing some fine tuning... #BF9 #bf9invitedbuilder #BORNFREEshow #aluminumboogers

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