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Thank you for 20k on Tweeter ^^ 💕


Mickey is 8 now!! (His real birthdate is undetermined) I love him ☺️ He is a tri-colour parti pom for those wondering!

Life's too short for the norm 🦄 Goodbye black hair for a longggg time 😢Can you guess the colour? ;)

Making memories with this one :)

Hey guys!!!!! I love you all so....You deserve a quick update:
As you guys may have noticed, I deleted all my photos! I know a lot of questions have popped up and I've been avoiding them for most part. BUT NOW I MUST DEBUNK THE ASSUMPTIONS AND HERE IS THE TRUTH :

1. I did NOT get plastic surgery. LOL sorry guys.. if I had $$$ trust me it'd happen and I would not delete my photos for it.
2. I am STILL in a relationship. Sorry boys ;) (and girls since I love cute girls too LOL)
3. I am NOT trying to hide anything. A lot of these photos can still be found deep into my tumblr or other old blog sites I no longer use.

So Aria, WHY DID YOU DELETE??? Simply put, I tend to delete things whenever I am upset. Whether it's self-confidence or being mad over something I can't control... I tend to resort to "getting rid" of things. Sometimes I purge my friends list on league/facebook/twitter. Sometimes I cut my hair or do something drastic. Other times I could completely change my wardrobe and spend $ on clothes I normally wouldn't wear. With instagram in particular, I was unhappy with myself. I was frustrated that I couldn't lose the 10 pounds my body has constantly been fluctuating around.. On my instagram had photos of me when I was happier with my weight ... and seeing them disgusted me. We all have our lows... so how I cope with my lows is basically just getting rid of anything that reminds me of my "highs"
I am ashamed for being human at times like this. I try my best to show you guys my best self but sometimes it can be hard. I know how I currently cope is unhealthy .... but I am doing a lot better now :) I have your guys' support no matter what I do ... you guys are so patient and are so kind to me ... I also have amazing friends ;____;
Tldr; I am fighting self-confidence issues but it'll all be ok and I know it thanks to you guys :) 💕💕


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