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🤙Thank you for having me Miami 🌅🏖


Miami ☀️🌴

Long time friends! Time to upload more :)



Cooking streams Monday thru Friday over on my Twitch channel 6-8pm start time~ thanks for the immense support you guys have been showing me lately!! I am so blessed and grateful for you all 😚❤️

It me! 🐷🐷

☀️ but ❄️ California

long hair again ❤️

My fave áo dài ❤️🇻🇳 ;~; I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t allowed to put this baby on hold and went next door to see other dresses and A LADY THAT SAW ME TRY IT ON BOUGHT IT!!!!! I called it too.. I told my mom she was hardcore eyeing the dress... ;-; it was da last one too HNNG. If anyone of yall aunties in OC area wearing dis one.. you already know 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

Love these girls 💕

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