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ariannamarieyoung  with the lights out, it's less dangerous. 👽 the osbrink agency o models optimism entertainment

the world has lost its kindest soul

“I think we just need to go put our feet in the Earth.” - @jprodger55

happy father’s day to all the daddies who took 3 year olds to Sonics games and wore an earring in the 90s - i love mine the most 💕

one day I’ll stop annoying y’all with how much fun we had 😫#coachella

see u next year @coachella 💕

obviously in formation #beychella

once upon a time I had a hat: a coachella story

#StoryTime: When this photo was taken, my hair was falling out, I started forgetting the names of people I’d known forever, I spent the day inexplicably freezing in the Santa Monica sun, my skin was flaking off, I was so incredibly sad and angry for no real reason, and I thought I may die from pure sleepiness. I felt like my body was betraying me. After the most exhausting year of my life, I was finally diagnosed with #hashimotos disease, an autoimmune disease that I’ve probably had since college and will have for the rest of forever. I’m so sorry to everyone whose invites I ditched because I fell asleep (I swear I was telling the truth 😊) and everyone I just stopped reaching out to because I knew I no longer had the energy to keep plans. I know I’ve been a not so great friend lately. Now that I finally know what’s “wrong” with me, I’m on a path to becoming a person who also just happens to have an illness. If there is anything this experience has taught me so far it’s that I am not my body. My body is just the thing that holds my soul. And just because you look physically well, doesn’t mean you aren’t sick. I’m so incredibly thankful for everyone who responded with love and books and blogs and Instagram accounts to help me after I told them about this. I have the greatest friends in the world, especially you @jprodger55. xo

obsessed with you 😘

currently accepting name suggestions for my new blonde alter ego

excuse me while i kiss the sky

coachella tickets shipped today so here’s a #tbt of my fave outfit from last year 👸🏽📸: @elyane_danielle 💕#spacebuns

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