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#HappyFathersDay to this man here! Thank you for all of your love and support. I can literally tell you anything. Somethings a child would never dare tell their fathers. You have this unknown energy that just makes people feel ok even when they’re at their worst. Anyone who knows you knows what I’m talking about.
I am truly my Father’s Daughter. I am definitely the female version of you. May God bless you and all the Dads out there! I love you and #HappyFathersDay!

If I’m being completely honest, this week I fell off a bit! It happens! I don’t dwell on it! I just move forward. Fall seven times get up eight baby!
On a side note: I did make sure I came through with the weekly post of myself and this raging beautiful energy I call my mom @tammy_aqua_hs. She keeps me motivated and we both push each other to be the best version of ourselves. Never striving for perfect but for progress and growth.
Click the link in my bio to check out the full back workout! 👆🏾 .
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What’s your sign?

Happy 🍟-Yay! Rhonda’s coming back for season 2 of @oddmanoutw_s! Def want to stay tuned because things get real as we discuss one of the topics that ruffle a lot of peoples feathers: Dating outside of one’s own race!!! .
Comment below if you like comedy or drama👇🏽 .

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Life Hack 101: Ways to find you a baby zaddy!

Homeboy: Hey! My friend thinks you’re cute
My Friend: Just act natural girl

I bet a $1 most of you will make only one choice. Unless you think Bigger Picture or you have read my caption! 😜
Guess what? So if you’re about my type of lifestyle then clearly you know I’m living my best life and choosing
ALL! I didn’t say make one choice. I said what do you choose?

I always think how can I have it all or come damn near close to it? I’m not saying be greedy but life is about balance and fulfilling and maintaining all things and opportunities that are presented to YOU that YOU feel fits in YOUR inner world.

Your inner world creates your outer world.
Process of Manifestation:
P→T→F→A = R
Your programming leads to your thoughts; your thoughts lead to your feelings; your feelings lead to your actions; your actions lead to your results. Period.
1.) I have programmed myself that every morning☀️ I write in my journal and write: ✏️3things I’m grateful for ✏️3 things that will make my day great ✏️3 daily affirmations
At Night🌚: ✏️3 amazing things that happened that day ✏️3 things I could have done better
2.) My thoughts are now positive and I proceed with my day and I sleep well at night
3.) I feel great so any obstacle, challenge, or great reward I have prepared myself mentally

4.) I take action on goals that I’m working on! Ex: gym, my business, education etc

5.)The results is my body is transforming, my business goals are thriving, I’m becoming more educated so I can continue to grow and thrive all while helping and inspiring others at the same time

Good Morning and Happy Wellness Wednesday you beautiful humans! ♦️Warning♦️This is a pretty long-winded read but trust me you will take away some incredible advice.
I will GUARANTEE you will remember the word FOUNDATION and you will walk away wanting to conquer the world and be the best version of yourself. Remember that also knowledge is power. Now... Repeat after me FOUNDATION! FOUNDATION! FOUNDATION!
Be the best version of yourself, where does that stem from? Being successful, where does it all begin? It’s based on your FOUNDATION. What I mean by FOUNDATION is YOU. Let’s take it a step build a home or build a car? Where does that start? THE FOUNDATION.Now maybe that doesn’t necessarily start from you but it starts from a FOUNDATION! What do they all have in common? FOUNDATION! Without a FOUNDATION all these things fall apart-Correct? Would you want a car or a home that didn’t have a foundation?
So if you answered No! Why wouldn’t want the same for your body? You want to get that dream car? That dream home? That dream body? Where does it all begin? With you and your FOUNDATION. Funny how it all goes back to you and your FOUNDATION right?
This advice is free but the choices you decide are up to you! I personally take a multivitamin as that’s where the FOUNDATION begins for my health and wellness. When my health and wellness is on point I can conquer any obstacle and achieve any goal that lies ahead. I don’t take any #multivitamin. I only roll with the best of the best and that’s #MicroFactor.
Are you striving for average or the best of the best? If you answered best of the best then you might just want to click the link in bio 👆🏾and see for yourself and click 1st Phorm Free Shipping. I’m so certain you won’t have any regrets because if you do....guess what? 110% money back guarantee and I’m so confident I even got you on free shipping.
You got questions? I got the answers! Need advice on achieving your fitness goals? I got you all you have to do is comment below or shoot me an email at

Sometimes you don’t need to re-create the wheel. The wheel was made for a reason. If the wheel is somewhat not spinning like you would like it to, you have to step outside of the that wheel and figure out what you can add that makes your wheel unique.History will always repeat it self, but what mark are you leaving to help influence it?
I posted a very unique post a few days ago and if you haven’t check it out yet, you should definitely click the link in my bio 👆🏾

Twisting excitedly into the week after a great night at #LaPride like...🌈
For most people Monday’s are dreadful, but for me it’s the exhilarating time to start fresh and continue my hustle and grind so #HappyMonday you beautiful humans! ❤️

So I was so torn if I wanted to post this as it’s really creepy and weird. Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a natural high of life so I’m always litty, a little weird (unique) and I like trying new things to see what works. That’s what social media is about right? Seeing what works and what doesn’t. So meet Mr. Wiggles a really weird character I came up with.
In honor of @jakejebraiel birthday today here is a weird little special surprise for you guys! Happy birthday Jake and thanks for being the most amazing Youtube editor!!

Click the link in bio to watch the full video😜👆🏾

Have you ever started your day off in a bad mood and noticed how the rest of the day was a domino effect and that the day progressively just got worse?
Train your mind to have positive thoughts no matter the situation which will lead to positive feelings that will result in positive actions and get you those positive results!
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