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Mariana🇵🇹She's my everything🌙  {🌙}My love for Ariana is Grande❤ {✨}Ari haters Scooch a mooch❤ {🌙}Arianator since 2014❤ {✨}"NEVER GIVE UP ON SOMETHING YOU LOVE"❤

Hey fam💓😊I made this edit for my best friends to show them how much I love them and how much their support means to me💡So they are @ariifeelings , @arianagrande.fangram , @intobabybutera , @arianagrandee.drawiings and @drawingqueenariana 💗Don't mind the order, okay?😂You all are important to me in the same way💓I just wanted to say that ILYSM and thank you for everything, I'll never forget you no matter what happens💡😍😘🌙

Awww my poor baby😭HEALTH PROBLEMS? NOOOOOOO!!😭😭
I hope she feels better soon😫😩♡I feel so so sorry for all the people in Vietnam that were waiting to see Ari performing💔But the most important thing at the moment is that our queen feels better very soon💓We love you Ari, hope you're feeling better already my cutie😭💡🌙♡👯

HELLLLLPPPPPPP😫😫My cousin keeps saying bad stuff about Ari and I'm getting tired of it😭😭She always says "Eww look at her lips,they're very fleshy!" "What outfit is that??It's too horrible, it looks like she's naked!" "Look at that pic haha what is that!" Shut up bitch I hate you😡😭Let her do what she wants to! If it looks like she's naked,what's the problem then?She's perfect and if you see any imperfection, then you have to go to an eye doctor, you have a serious problem. Do you want me to pay it? I hate you bitch😘😘 For you my cousin 😘 I love Ari more than anything, I cried a lot for every single bad thing she said about her😩

Icon for my amazing friend @drawingqueenariana !! ILY I hope you like this! Made with so much love♡

3 months... You will NEVER be forgotten.Forever in our hearts and in our thoughts😭❤And Ari,our support is with you,baby💓Stay strong we love you endlessly♡

Here's an icon I made for my sweet friends Ori and Cath💓💓ILY girls, I hope you like this icon😘😘

Aww I'm so happy for these two😍He makes her so happy and all I need is to see Ari's happiness💓💓

Hey💓How are you my loves?👯💡🌙♡

How cute is this aww😍💓💡

Why am I almost crying?😂😭You guys are the best family ever I love you so much! What we do for each others is so amazing,everyone supports each other...I have never been in a fandom so amazing like this one😍We share an UNCONDITIONAL love for our queen,we protect her,we make edits for her to make HER HAPPY because we love to see her smiling💓And if she's happy,we're happy😍😘ILYSM thank you so much for everything 😭😭☁💡🌙

Repost this with the hashtags #wewantpeaceinthewholeworld and #weloveyouarianagrande_lb please!! 😘😘💓💡♡🌙 Thank you!! 💓💗❤

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