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I'm so sad bc of this tragedy, I can't describe...
Its really hard to see this in my absolutely favorite country, portugal is my Homeland, and i Love it so much.
I have Family and friends there and i'm afraid, it could happen again. There were already many fires, but this time it was really extreme, this time it was over 500 fires ,36 People died and really much people lost their home. And Second of Seconds it turns in ashes and I just can only watch ( I stole this sentence from @bemyarii , but I have to say it again, because it's so true, the rest are a part of my thoughts )
I know my english is Bad, but i had to say something of this tragedy... #PrayforPortugal #somosPortugal
For all now, I know in galicia the fires are very Bad too, but i don't know why you can't understand
Portugal is my fucking Homeland, friends tell me they can't leave their homes bc of the smoke. Others tell me that they had to leave their houses because the fire was too close. They hide in the city center, they aren't safe in their homes and can't leave the city and now tell me you'd have more to worry about your friends and family or strangers in galicia. Of course i Pray for galicia too, but portugal is another level for me.
Please stop with this galicia comments, I Cry and you tell me that in the moment portugal isn't important as galicia. Youre kidding, i Pray for all but as i said portugal is my homeland.
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