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Ariana Grande  thank u, next

i really dunno what to say yet. for now, thank you will suffice. a dream come true typeeaa night. i love you. so much. thank you.


dress up w @luxurylaw in between run throughs ... my heart is bursting. a few more run throughs today but hi and bye. n i love you. see you tomorrow.

post run thrus, 3 am with @girlknewyork :) not a cover up just evolvin 🌫 also, our show opens tomorrow. i love u and i’m so grateful. see u soon.

sʎɐp ǝǝɹɥʇ


sʎɐp ǝǝɹɥʇ

we’ll sleep one day

@luxurylaw 🌑🌫♡