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Ariana Grande  mama said there'd be days like this πŸŒ™

hey luvs - i'm back! i'm going to answer some of your questions.... firstly - no i'm not Ariana, nor am i pretending to be her because that's pathetic. if you want to find her she's @arianagrande. secondly, no - i won't trade my user name seen as i've had it for almost 5 years now, through thick and thin. i've been hacked too many times to count that's why this is a new account. this user means a lot to me and i won't ever give it up. lastly - i've been inactive over the past year as i've been battling depression and severe anxiety whilst trying to juggle all of my exams. as you can imagine it's been extremely difficult but i'm getting the best help possible and i'm getting better which is all that matters and that's why i took a break. i am so sorry i haven't been here, y'all have no idea how much i've missed talking to you. you're all extraordinary people whom make me smile and laugh when i need it the most. thank you!! there are no words to express my gratitude so that's all i can say. thank you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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