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Ariana Delawari  Artist. Activist. Dreamer #AfghanistanInMyHeart #BraveryInUnity #BeGoneTaliban #InspirePeace 🇦🇫🦋🕊

I made some friends today. And I stood in a rainstorm with my arms outstretched and head facing the sky (check the first friend has baby on its back) 🐒❤️🌧💦🌴

When you wake up and you hear a little that voice that says “pull your suitcase forward from the wall” and there be a scorpion 👅🦂 I told my sister animals like me so expect more than usual. She said “Oh great” 😹

Hola Nosara, Pura Vida 🙏🏽

I meet my parents once a week for dinner. If I miss a week my dad gets sad and reminds me that I promised once a week. We cover pretty much every aspect of global policy - past, present, and future- at dinner every week. I particularly enjoy that my mother has defended every colonized or oppressed group of people tonight... while wearing her red white and blue Stars and Stripes top for some good measure of Setara jan irony . She said, “well, I like the colors of the flag” 😹❤️🤟🏽

TBT to like 5 years ago when we started our Inspire Peace Campaign (#begonetaliban, #braveryinunity, #afghanistaninmyheart , #inspirepeace), and I used to wake up to photos being sent to me from Afghanistan. It’s like 11 1/2 hours ahead there, so I would wake up in the middle of the night and there would be these images in my inbox that would make me smile, and cry, and feel so many emotions. Many of them, like this one, came from my brother @qaisalamdar I miss you bradar. This was always one of my favorite photos. Somehow in the western narrative we are missing the beauty of young boys in our region... gentle boys and men who hold hands and pick roses. A common thing we see in Afghanistan. “Women and children” is an easier narrative to sell, but it’s not the whole picture, there are layers. I wish the world truly knew the beauty of our people... every bomb that drops breaks my heart open again. I love you guys so much. I sincerely hope that we collectively can create a peaceful planet together. I know that we can🕊🇦🇫 #afghanistaninmyheart #inspirepeace

So nice to see you max and @actualvalues ! Such a great show @black_hole_oscillators excited to hear the new album Maximus, congrats friend. Max was my very first musical collaborator so many memories 🙏🏽✨

I painted this one today. How I’ve felt since childhood. The next one I painted some months ago. Medusa transmuting the snakes into Pegasus’

Today was a beautiful day. A seed of light that I planted under very dark circumstances blossomed into the most beautiful encounter and conversation. I kind of understood it, but today really confirmed that choosing the higher road always feels much better in the end. Maybe it will take a while to heal and understand why we have to do it in some situations, but always without fail the higher road leads to a lighter heart. Everyone is growing and learning, and sometimes we have to be the bigger person even if someone is awful to us. Eventually all of it can become light source from the prism of infinite being ✨🌈🙏🏽

My Irani sis @hodakatebi a delicate beauty but also a heavyweight champ. Always learnin from this one 🙏🏽❤️🇮🇷

@deedsweaves discussing his work with my sister @yasminezara congrats to Nancy Lupo and @meganwhitmarsh as well. Really love this piece in the pic so moving #madeinla

I did not cue up the music lol... just happy spirits punctuating for me 🦋

My nieces and nephew... two of these cuties moved out of the country and I haven’t seen them in a few months. I love these Bbssss🌴

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