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Ariana Delawari  Artist. Activist. Dreamer #AfghanistanInMyHeart #BraveryInUnity #BeGoneTaliban #InspirePeace #AfghanistanConnect @wecamehomefilm 🇦🇫🦋🕊

Some information / needs re the fire 🙏🏽 hey also leave water out for animals if you live somewhat near nature and keep your animals indoors - there could be coyotes, mountain lions, wildlife roaming hungry and needing water.

Making my niece laugh about tonight’s dinner plan with my parents. If I don’t strategize I will lose my mind so... Afghan children will understand lol 🤓😹 #afghanparents #afghansarealwayslate #nevereasy #momdoesntlikeanyoptionever

Hi friends, Looking forward to being part of this conversation next week for @savoircollab ’s final panel discussion featuring women in activism, changemakers & social entrepreneurs in The Wild Women Series: Visionaries Becoming The Voice. Come join us as we discuss our journeys and how our intuition has guided us in hopefully emerging as something new and wild in a time when we are considering how to do better as humans and innovators/ creators. Conversations will be led by food & travel expert and Founder of @saltandwind Aida Mollenkamp @aidamollenkamp, and the other awesome panelists will include Rachael Parker-Chavez from @defininggood, Gabby Almon @riseofthebulls, and Renee Dua Founder of @heal. The event is next Wednesday evening Wed Nov 14th 7pm-9pm (please arrive 10 mins early). Head over to @savoircollab ‘s page for the link to tix in their bio. If you’re a homie text me and I’ll hit you with a discount code 🧚🏼‍♂️

Lunch with my baba ❤️

Congratulations to Safiya Wazir, a 27 year old Afghan refugee who just won a seat in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives. She is the first former refugee to win a seat in the state legislature 💪🏽🇦🇫❤️ #safiyawazir

These two @nicoledisson @hoodablah and the perfect autumn vibe dinner they made us 🍂

I went to take this pic of my “I voted” sticker next to my other signs on my fridge, and realized I missed a spot from the chocolate powder that fell off of the top of my fridge last night... hahaha it’s a sign ! (The bottom one says “more love” a sweet man in Santa Monica gave me that one, he was wearing it... we traded for Afghanistan in My Heart” sign that I had in my car) 🍫🍩✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #ivoted #onceyougoblackyounevergoback #makeamericanativeagain #makeamericamexicoagain🇲🇽

Washington DC friends, please save the date : November 26th ! Screening of @wecamehomefilm at Eaton Workshop. Stay tuned for more details soon... 🙏🏽🇦🇫💙 #wecamehome #afghanistaninmyheart #inspirepeace #afghanistanconnect

🕊 📷 by @naj_jamai who I met either right before or right after my first trip to Afghanistan in 2002.

Dear Brazil, I woke up thinking about this day I spent in the jungle near Brasília five years ago. I thought about how I’m happiest in rainforests where everything is so alive and green, where we can breathe, where there is so much biodiversity. I was hoping to get to the amazon on this trip, but I didn’t. The amazon is literally the lungs of the earth. It is an intense time to be alive, and I must admit I feel quite overwhelmed and concerned about planet earth, especially after this last week of sad news, but I promise to do my part in protecting the amazon. I feel so grateful for the land. And I hope all of you will too, I truly hope everyone understands how sacred the amazon is, how sacred the tribes of the amazon are, and how much work it / they do for us to be alive. Sadly, Brazil elected a right wing extremist yesterday and he will not protect the people or land of Brazil. We must resist hatred and the destruction of planet earth, and we must use our lives to create a new balance. They may be talking about walls and nationalism, but we are intelligent enough to know that what happens to others and what happens to the earth will definitely effect our lives and whether or not we will be able to sustain life on this planet 🙏🏽

Last night, at the very end of my dream, Maharishi was sitting on my bed with a friend and I. Here is a quote - I have been thinking about this idea : "It is possible for a man to live in the field of action and yet to live simultaneously a life of eternal freedom in bliss consciousness of absolute Being. It is possible for a man to act with full interest in the world and yet to live simultaneously in God consciousness, thereby uniting the values of absolute and relative existence" 🕊 #maharishi

My niece @sienadancsecs tonight at a Teen Vogue and Toms event. I’m so proud of this soul. She co-founded an organization called “Once Upon a Room” @onceuponaroom when she was 10 years old. The organization decorates the rooms of inpatient children at Children’s hospital and other hospitals. Siena also got lots of her friends to join, like a whole community of them have been doing this work together since they were ten. They are 17 now. Really beautiful work Siena and friends. Incredibly inspiring. Shine on and on in power and love, keep showing up this world needs your light ✊🏽✨

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