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Ariana Parlet  CPT 🍊Orangetheory Fitness Coach🍊 Natural INBA/PNBA Figure & Sports Model Pro Battling RA👊🏼💥 Hopeless Romantic, lover of art, poetry & 🍫🍩🍰🍦🍪🍿🍔🍟🍕

“If you try to be anything
be vulnerable
break apart at the seams
remove your skin
and strip down to nothing
but your fragility
show the world something
that it has never been seen”
~ @gemmatroypoetry When I was first approached I was very uncomfortable with the idea of taking photos of my body at my heaviest weight, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. I have been struggling with my Rheumatoid Arthritis and dealing with pain and with what seemed to be injury after injury. There’s a few things I’ve struggled with most this past year, pain and depression from the limitations of my auto immune disease and my weight which was also contributing my depression. When I sit and think about my athletic accomplishments from grade school all the way through college and more recently my professional natural bodybuilding endeavors, I can’t help but get down when I think of where I am now? Will I ever be able to do those activities again? Can I ever just throw on some shoes and go run with a buddy? Will I ever be able to join my friends and coworkers in a mud run or an obstacle course race? Will I be able to train the way I need to to become an Elite Figure Pro again? Will I get my body back? So when asked to do a photo shoot without my clothes, the idea was horrifying. I could think of hundreds of things I’d rather do. But I’m also a woman of my word, even if it takes time I like to do what I say I will and I had already made plans to work with @ottem16 on a special project which was being wrapped up this past month. I had put off shooting as long as I could. Ryan understood my feelings about my weight but assured me that I had a special kind of physique, more muscular than most models he’s shot with and he really wanted to work with me. We agreed that these pictures could be part of a before and after transformation and that my body would be beautiful regardless of my weight. I would beg to differ but he was encouraging and positive. When he began sending me my photos I cringed and all I could see was the weight and all of my flaws. “My tummy looks like this... I have a roll on my back... “ But guess what? THAT’S FUCKING NORMAL!

Love is a risk... remember that not everyone has the same heart as you, and not everyone will take care of a heart they loved the way you would. You’ll see who they really are in the way they leave you... when you no longer serve them. #heartbroken #inlove #greatestpain #depressed #hopelessromantic #fatalflaw #lovetoodeeply #poetry #heartache #poem #temporarypeople

Miss all my fabulous INBA/PNBA friends who are competing today in the biggest natural show of the year, THE NATURAL OLYMPIA! I’ve been following along all day and everyone looks so amazing I wish I was there to see it in person! I can’t wait to be back again soon. Maybe next year 🙏🏼💝 #fitness #fitlife #fitfam #fitchick #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #gym #gymlife #naturalbodybuilding #nattymuscle #inba #pnba #figurepro #sportsmodelpro #teamusa #passion #coach #trainer #beefcake #naturalolympia

“But Darling she craves an intimacy more naked than bodies could ever be. So when she says go deeper make sure it’s your heart that’s listening.” ~ @michellesoulkissing 📸 @ottem16 #godeeper #intamacy #romance #stripdowntoyoursoul #soulconnection #soulmate #naked #vulnerability #naturalbodybuilder #naturalbodybuilding #art #poetry #photography #worthy #fitness #loveyourself #offseason #selfloveproject

I’m been struggling with a lot of things this year in my first “offseason”. Bodybuilding has been put on the back burner a bit to try and work on other life issues, some of which I’ve been running from for years and some that are new. My struggles with my Rheumatoid Arthritis have really been one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with these last two plus years, but even harder than that is having to accept my body as is, the way it is and learn to be comfortable in my own skin at a time when I can’t physically do the things I used to do. On Monday I decided to do a hydrostatic body fat test as well as a metabolic test by Fitness Wave NorCal which has been coming to our Orangetheory Fitness every few months. I figured that now is as good a time as any to really know where I’m starting from. I’m at my heaviest weight and my worst fitness level in years and I’ve been really down about getting so far away from my physical peak. Within one year I went from my best physique to my worst. It’s been a hard pill to swallow but now that I know where I’m staring from I have an idea where I need to go and how long this road will be to get back.
When I got my results today I found out that although I’m horrified by my physique and how far I’ve fallen from my best, I’m still in the ideal body fat range for women. The ideal healthy range is 22-28%, and I’m sitting at 126 lbs at 24.48% body fat. That isn’t lean by any means, but it healthy. After competing at such a level it has really affected the way I see my body. Although 24% is much too high to be a competitive in season bodybuilder, it’s a perfectly healthy body fat for a woman. Although I’ve strayed a bit farther than what I deem a comfortable weight to walk around at, I need to remember that my competition weight is something that can only be maintained for a short duration of time. It’s not a healthy body fat level to carry for any extended time. I was also happy to hear that most women of my weight and height only carry about 80-90lbs of lean body mass, and I’m carrying almost 96lbs!

They say the ups and downs of life show you you’re really living and I agree. You live, you learn. You try, you fail, try again, and sometimes succeed. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Just seems like the passed 5 years have been more of a downward journey with a few tiny peaks but I’m still near the bottom trying to figure out the best way to climb out. I’ve taken quite a few detours and I know that life makes you stronger and wiser through experiences, but sometimes I just sit and feel sad when I look back at things I’ve done in my life and where I’ve been and then look at what’s happening now. Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to work through. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I’ve done some pretty awesome things that I can look back on and be proud of, but this week things hit me a little harder than usual. I ran out of my Rheumatoid Arthritis medication and at first I couldn’t pick up my refill because my Dr. was out for the weekend and they needed his approval to refill my prescription. The medications I take require me to do blood labs regularly to make sure my liver and kidneys are functioning properly and that the medication isn’t harming me. The pharmacy was able to give me 3 emergency pills to tied me over until they got my Drs approval. A few days later I came in to pick up my prescription and now I find that my copay Master Card had not been reloaded and I wasn’t able to pick up my medication. It was a back and for event for 3 more days on the phone and in the pharmacy. In the mean time I started developing pain and swelling in my feet and by Saturday afternoon I could hardly walk. I did a boot camp class that morning and the exercises were pretty intense with a lot of jumping and impact moves and lunges which cause strain to my already inflamed knees and feet. I felt pressure to complete all the exercises but there were many parts of my body that hurt throughout the workout. I knew these moves weren’t good for me but I did them anyways because I didn’t want the other participants to think the trainer was out of shape. It’s an awful feeling to know that I’m not able to do things

Who doesn’t love fall? All the beautiful colors can remind us that sometimes falling apart and shedding the old can be beautiful too. New things will grow but only after the old thing leaves 🍁 #fall #autumn #beautiful #beauty #transformation #selfgrowth #selflove #fitness #fitlife #fitfam #naturalbodybuilding #naturalbodybuilder #bodybuilding #coach #trainer #otf

It’s been a struggle since I finished my last season. Lots of ups and downs to say the least. So as I work my way back to where I want to be I decided to do self motivation daily posts to remind myself where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished and what I’m capable of. So here’s to day 1 of self motivation while working through self love. #happyhumpday #humpday #throwback #newzealand #naturaluniverse2017 #naturalbodybuilder #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuilding #fitness #fitlife #fitfam #trainer #coach #selfmotivationprojectday1

Congratulations to all of our Dri-Tri finishers!!! 💪🏻🍊🙌🏻 Here’s our Second Wave right here! #otfsantarosa #orangetheoryfitness #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #coach #trainer #dritri2018 #otf

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