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Ari  Non-binary [They/Them]

Last one! Please contact me before Tomorrow morning as that is when I will be deleting Instagram. Thanks! 💕

Posting the last three separately as having my announcement off Center is irritating!

The last picture is how I feel after posting all of these photos.

10 more pictures I was afraid to post.
See!! Completely fine and valid photos that I honestly enjoy!

10 photos of myself that I was too nervous to post for one reason or another

Important post back there!

Hello friends! So I’m deleting Instagram, WOO!! Instagram has had a negative impact on my mental health for a while now, and the week/month long breaks just don’t seem to work for me.
As what I can only describe as a “kiss my ass” to my bad thoughts, I’ll be posting anything I was too nervous to post because of something stupid like disliking my face/body, not being “high enough quality”, or believing I would be seen as vain because of it. I’ll also be making my account public. .
I will not be deleting my account as I’ll want to look back on it in the future, but I am deleting the app off my phone. .
If you’d like to stay in contact with me but only talk to me through Instagram, I heavily encourage you to message me as soon as you see this and ask for my cell number, email, and/or discord. (As soon as you see this because I do not know how long I will be on the app after posting all my photos.) See ya Instagram! Either in a few years, or never again! 😘

Important message coming up!

Heck yeah prom dress!! 💙
I went dress shopping with my Dad today, and made it home with a dress for family photos and Alt prom! (Also a second dress that my Dad fell in love with and literally would not let me leave the store without.) I’m so glad I was able to spend time with my dad and I’m super excited to wear this huge freaking dress to as many (as the kids say) “Lit” proms!
Also if you’re looking for formal wear, B.loved is a fantastic place to go, everyone there was very helpful and kind! (That’s where this dress is from, and a ton of their dresses also have POCKETS.)

Yule Ball makeup test with my fluffy best friend.

This is from a few days ago, I have no idea why but I always end up wearing the same skirt when I go to the greenwood mall. 💀
(Also I cant believe I missed a 👌 opportunity)

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