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Hiroshi Arikawa  オシャレと武道や格闘技が好きなおじさんです。Samurai middle aged guy who loves martial arts and have jujitsu black belt!

朝早々に奥様より頂いちゃいました!これ一個もらえば義理はいらないです! 負け惜しみかぁ... ^_^
I got this from Naomi for Valentine's day present in the morning today! In case of Japan for the Valentine's day, lady gives chocolate to guy. This is general way but looks it's been changed a little by little.

ここの味噌オロチョン、シンプルで悪くない!^_^ Miso Orochon hot ramen here in Yokohama is simple and not bad!

It's our lovely Raco!

It's very good quality and tasty one!
The name of brand is Amaoh.

My new ramen searching activity today was "Gyokai taste shoyu ramen" at Kannai in Yokohama!

茅ヶ崎で有名な横浜飯店に行ってきました!寒い中30分以上外で行列でした。I went to the famous Yokohama Hanten Japanese Chinese restaurant in Chigasaki! It was a long line outside for over 30 minutes in the cold!

I went to the Samukawa jinja shrine in Kanagawa Pref. today for new year's visit! It's been for long long time since last visit!

Recently my new ramen searching activity become cooking it by myself buying raw ramen on the market. There are very good raw ramen selling on the market these day!

謹賀新年Happy New Year!

Awesome Toyono's Tendon in Yokohama! 800yen=$8 Not bad at all!

野毛にてHave a good time!
I had a good time with Alix from Washington DC, US last night in Noge, Yokohama!

We really had good time with two new friends from Taiwan tonight!

Not bad at all!

This is called Makunouchi Bento = Mixed lunch box by Kiyoken.

Good shrimp fried rice at Ohban in Kawasaki!

Oden bar in Noge, Yokohama!

I went to natural hot spring spa at Tsurumi, Yokohama this afternoon. Awesome!

I went to the wholesaler of the flower the other day so I bought mini roses to gave my wife with my daily gratitude feeling! ^_^

Very good Tendon = Tempura bowl @yokohama! 800yen!

Today's new ramen searching was this tonkotsu hot & spicy ramen!

ドイツからのお客さんからのお土産と横浜・野毛にてのOne shot!
We had some present from guests from Germany and we took them to Noge, Yokohama last night.

まいう〜!醤油とんこつ @ 川崎!
Awesome Shoyu tonkotsu ramen @ Kawasaki!

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