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Aaron Huey  National Geographic assignments, adventures, and family. Commercial agent: @natgeocreative, Project w my son: @hawkeyehuey

Flying around #BearsEars with the homie @shotsfromabove on his experimental trike! This is us over #CombRidge last week. On assignment for @NatGeo!

Detail of a Ute petroglyph over much older spirals (potential 1000-2000 years older) near Bluff, Utah. Likely between 1600-1800 CE. On assignment for @NatGeo.

An Ancestral Puebloan granary built most likely around 800-1000 years ago, Cedar Mesa, Southern Utah. See a video of the cliff-ledge used to access this site in my IG stories. On assignment for @natgeo!

The Procession Panel petroglyph on Comb Ridge, in Southern Utah. I could literally hear the footsteps of the spirits as I lay waiting in the dark for the Milky Way to crawl across the sky early this morning (Its happened to me twice now in the past year out here). Ancestral Puebloans carved the panel likely between 500 and 700 A.D. Shot on assignment for an upcoming story about #BearsEars and the recent National Monument reduction. This site, and Comb Ridge, remain in the Monument.

A massive pictograph + petroglyph panel of anthropomorphs, animals, birds and other symbols in Grand Gulch, Utah. These figures are about 4-5 ft tall. On assignment for @NatGeo.

Young bear tracks in Grand Gulch, Southern Utah. On assignment for @natgeo for a story about #BearsEarsNationalMonument.

The surreal neon glow and double arch of Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon, which was recently removed from #EscalanteNationalMonument in Utah. Part of our coverage of Monument reductions made by the administration last December. From my @natgeo assignment covering the struggle for resources, recreation, and conservation on public lands. (PS. These slots are not inaccessible because of the change. Resource extraction could eventually fill the Hole-in-the-Rock Road corridor but sites like this will always remain accessible.)

160 million year old white Entrada Sandstone under stars, sculpted by rain into a hillside of coral-like ribbons. Located in the Wahweap Hoodoos area of what used to be #EscalanteNationalMonument in Utah. Looking at areas removed in recent reductions and the fight over extraction, access, and conservation on these public lands. On assignment for @NatGeo.

Sunset at a defensive outpost of the Ancestral Pueblo people on Cedar Mesa, Utah. Likely built between 900-1300 AD. On assignment for @NatGeo.

SWIPE LEFT to see the nearly invisible pictographs that I’m photographing. The reveal images are made using a software called #DStretch which can bring out very faint pictographs by performing a decorrelation stretch in the color space. The enhanced image is false color but helps us see the most faint ancient paints! More examples in my IG story feed! Location: Grand Gulch, Utah. On assignment for @natgeo. (photo of me by @devlin_gandy)

Duck Head Man petroglyph on a boulder, Cedar Mesa, Southern Utah. On assignment for @natgeo! See more in my IG stories!

Moonrise over Cedar Mesa, #BearsEarsNationalMonument, Utah. On assignment for @NatGeo.

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