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Kristina Tassio  Graphic designer. Loves music, her family, her bf, Disney, crafting, beer and pizza. @FoundAtDisney @SquidInkStudios

@gullywhumper03 got me a Lando!!!

Got to hang with the cutest nephew ever today!! 😍😍😍 #HanginWithHank

Post-What-We-Do-In-The-Shadows Drunken Fries from @wursthausdtsa. Had an absolutely lovely double date night with @makeartdamnit and @katiejay326 #NotSeenJustinAndKatie #NotSeenBrian #ISwearItWasADoubleDateWeJustForgotToTakeAPictureTogether

My hair's a mess, but I'm wearing makeup, and I'm back at work and in the real world. It's really hard. Everything is uncomfortable and painful, but I'm sticking it out.
Everyone at work has been very kind and supportive.
#SpinalPain #NervePain #Sciatica

Missing the first @barwrestling event tonight, since I've been going. Pain has subsided and changed at the same time. I still can barely sit up let alone stand or walk. I've been stretching as much as I can and I try to walk or sit up until my foot and calf feel like they're on fire and being stabbed repeatedly.
You really take for granted the things you can do, like sitting up, brushing your hair and teeth, going to the bathroom, without pain. I can't wait until this is over. #SpinalPain #Sciatica #NervePain

The last few days I've been in intense, severe sciatic pain due to a herniated disc. I could barely move, nothing helped. Because I have no insurance, I've been putting off going to the doctor, but now I'm here at the emergency room. No x-rays or MRIs, but some pain killers and a steroid injection. Prescriptions to follow.
Everyone at the hospital was very pleasant and accommodating. The wait for the ER was minimal, could've been because I was crying so hard. Sorry if TMI, but I feel like this is the best way of documenting what's going on.
Shoutout to @fedoravape69 for being the best brother and driving my sad sobbing body to the ER ❀️ #SpinalPain #SpineInjury #Sciatica #NervePain

Reason to hang out with me: vegetarian chili fries (vegan without the sour cream and cheese) #AccidentallyMoreDelicious #IMadeThis #ChiliFries #NomNomNom #NotSeenBrian

I'm liking my new job A LOT

So true.

Feeling pretty today #nofilter #selflove #bodypositive

Not even close to being done, but this is how much fur Spooky could stand to get combed off today. #CatLady #ItsLikeAWholeNewKitten

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