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Jolie  🏋🏻‍♀️ DL 315# BS 225# BP 185# @ BW 142# #squishyjojo @bejuststrong discount code: AREUMAHH10

Jedda’s official last day and our (2nd to) last break together 😢 I’ll miss being mistaken for you around the office cos everyone is racist and think we are the same person lol. Enjoy the west coast and I will visit very soon!!

Aamina’s tea party bridal shower was a success! I only got to take some pics before guests started arriving, but I am so pleased with how everything turned out. So much love for these two ❤️

First time at a comedy show. I laughed so fucking hard.

Our last lunch as a trio 😢 #photogenicfriends #mewiththebitchface #sorryguys

I’m holding on for dear life cos this bunny does not know how to swim. Maybe I will learn someday... But rn I wanna go back to Key West cos I’m not feelin this foggy ass cold ass bipolar weather here.

Whole different vibe on this stretch of the road. Cute street filled with Cuban coffee shops, live music, good food, and art all along the walls.

First time parasailing, das me up there on the right lol. Went jet skiing right before this so this was a good way to wind down from the adrenaline.

Spontaneous trip because stress and migraines and general unhappiness. Sunset Pier. Mallory Square.


Sad to see you leave but so happy and proud of you! Best of luck, 오빠! 🎉🎊🎈

Omgawddd 🐻 The best surprise gift ever??

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