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Look at those baby faces! 5 years ago today... ❤️❤️❤️

I’m rather relieved that the bulk #Hurricaneflorence missed our area, but it has definitely made for a week of steady rain. Dark skies and mud all day every day. Cozy, but a little difficult to dig post holes for grape trellises when I’m up to my ankles in muck. So I’ve been fall cleaning instead! Itching to get back outside and get things ✅!

Newly planted strawberry beds! 15’x30. The strawberries have been taking over too much of my vegetable garden, so I moved 1/3 of them to this bed that is dedicated to strawberries (with some chives for optimal growing) and the remaining 2/3 of the strawberries will be planted around the fruit trees when they go in later this week. Things are starting to come together!!!

The oats are up!! We have been so busy with so many new and fun steps here on the farm. I’m going to be sharing bits of a few of our projects over the next week. 😊

Another batch of winter ready tomatoes coming out of the canner, and the garden transitioning to greens and roots rather than summer’s soft vegetable goodness. My favorite thing to do is live in the moment. Today. Not mourning the end of summer or putting on boots and scarves because I’m wanting fall to be here now. So I eat summer tomatoes and fall greens, and savor the humid misting weather that is neither summer or fall. All the seasons can be your favorite when you live in the beauty of each day. 🌎🌒

My parenting style= please go play outside for as long as possible. Sometimes this is what happens. 😂

The flowers keep coming! Pollinators galore have been in my garden all year and it’s reassuring after hearing so many city friends who don’t see the butterflies and bees anymore.

A sink full of summer lettuce and greens. Here in hot, humid central Va, most lettuce bolts and turns very bitter during the summer, but thanks to the great advice from @southernexposureseed (who we have been getting our seeds from for years), we now have a summer lettuce supply! Endive, oak leaf and Jericho lettuces stand up to the heat! Just start them in doors so the will actually germinate. We also have a bit of self seeded red mustard (spicy in the summer) in this morning’s mix.
Dinner is going to be fabulous.

Epic basil harvest.

Our view has been changing this year! Not QUITE so much in the woods! Also, my 4 year old took this 📷 and he is pretty tickled with himself since he usually isn’t allowed to touch my phone. 😊

When your morning walk coincides with the summer sunrise every morning. Glorious...

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