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Our choices are just a complicated way of our matter obeying the laws of physics.
πŸ“Έ @shinnyshadow
#choices #way #matter #obey #physics #shirtlessphilosophy

Place your stones right to win in #PyramidOfTheSun by @strawberry.studio_boardgames !
[2-5πŸ‘₯ / ~20min⏳]
Pyramid of the Sun is a beautifully designed little card game in which players will take turns to build a pyramid stone by stone. Each turn, you will have the choice to either 1) get new stone cards or 2) place one of the stone cards from your hand onto the pyramid. This will score you points. As the pyramid grows taller, you will have the chance to score more points! Also: pyramid edges and the top of the pyramid score extra! ‴ The illustrations and overall design are beautiful and the game has an attractive theme. The game plays fast and is easy to explain, so it is a cute little filler.
‡ The continuous scoring is a bit annoying, also because the scoring cards are not very handy and the scoring rules usually confuse people. I liked the game the first times I played, but I am not sure it is very replayable.
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If you had to choose one, would you pick truth or reality? Please comment and explain! 😊
#growing #gym #training #choice #truth #reality #shirtlessphilosophy #shirtless #philosophy

Kids, don't steal! (Unless you are playing #MagicMaze with the #MaximumSecurity expansion by @sitdown_games !!)
[1-8 πŸ‘₯ / ~20min. ⏳]
"For some time now, the Magic Maze has been regularly robbed by unscrupulous adventurers, who incessantly steal from the same four shops. How strange! Due to this alarming observation, Management has installed new security systems to dissuade any further dishonest deeds.
dissuade any further dishonest deeds.
The Maximum Security expansion provides a number of helping or challenging modules to allow you to customize your experience."
The ones I liked the most are the new powers for the four scoundrel characters:
"⚁Ventilation shafts: the dwarf can open ventilation shafts for all the heroes to move quickly from one end of it to the other.
βš‚Wall breaches: the barbarian can breach the walls of the mall for all the heroes to move through it.
βš…Spells: the mage can cast 2 spells among 10 available, with instant or temporary effects.
βšƒTelekinesis: the elf can move Mall tiles around"
‴ The almost infinite combination of modules to make the game easier for beginners and harder for experienced players. I love that the characters are getting more differentiation!
‡ The nr of combinations can be a bit overwhelming, you will have to play through some of the levels to get used to how you like to "module up" your game best!
#ardillaludopata #boardgame #boardgamegeek #boardgames #boardgaming #tabletopgaming #game #games #tabletop #tabletopgame #juegos #juegosdemesa #sitdown

"Unless philosophers become kings (...) and there is a conjunction of political power and philosophy (...) there can be no cessation of evils (...) for the human race"
-"Republic" by Plato
πŸ“Έ @shinnyshadow
#plato #philosophers #politics #philosophy #evil #human #shirtlessphilosophy

Become a predator in #EvolutionTheBeginning by @northstargames ! 🦁🐺🐯
[2-5πŸ‘₯ / 30min.⏳]
Some weeks ago I told you about #EvolutionClimate , where you control your own animal species' through the ages, making them
evolve in order to ensure their survival!
#EvolutionTheBeginning is a easier version of the same game! You will have to make your animal species thrive by playing trait cards smartly on them every turn. Trait cards will transform your species, like making it nocturnal, giving it a long neck or horns, making it super intelligent or just able to hunt in packs. The
aim of all these traits is adapting your species to the scarcity of
food and, mostly of all, the evolution of the other species on the table! The game is a battle
for food, so watch out for the species that evolve into predators and start eating your animals into extinction!
The game has a lot of hand-management and a smart action point allowance system: you
use your trait cards not only to play them as traits on your species, but you can also discard
them to use them as action points. These actions let you increase the population of your animal species or even create a new species all over!
The end of the game is triggered when cards run out. Players will count their food tokens in
their bags, their trait cards and the remaining population of their surviving species to determine the winner.
‴ The adaptation to a lighter version of #Evolution is smartly done, you use cards as species and population instead of the cardboard pieces. The smart hand-management and prediction mechanisms remain the same, and of course the art and quality of materials is awesome. ‡ Although it works well with 2 players, I would recommend playing it with 3 or 4, since the strategic options widen!
If you have played The Beginning AND the basic game, you might confuse the abilities of the cards, since most are slightly different.
#ardillaludopata #boardgame #boardgamegeek #boardgames #boardgaming #tabletopgaming #game #cardgame #cards #science #evolution

Give something back to the world, however little: don't take your freedoms and rights for granted.
πŸ–Œ Thank you @alo_alo_y_alo for this amazing drawing.
#giveback #freedom #rights #shirtlessphilosophy #artillagenocida

Three reasons why you HAVE to love #ThatsAQuestion by @czech_games_edition :
1) This game has squirrels in it.
2) It is super fun.
3) This game has squirrels in it.πŸ˜‚
[3-6πŸ‘₯ / 30min.⏳]
"The party game That's a Question!, takes the familiar format of challenging others with questions, then voting on what they'll say.
In more detail, each player has a hand of hexagonal cards, with words or phrases in three color blocks on the card. On a turn, you choose a player that has a token in front of them, take that token, then present them with a question by choosing one of the three question prompts (which are all color-coded), then choosing two cards from your hand and adding the properly-colored section of those cards to the question. A sample question: "What would you miss more if it ceases to exist: Facebook or doors?" That player secretly votes on A or B, while everyone else but the questioner secretly votes A or B depending on how they think the person will answer; a voter can optionally add their 3x scoring token to their vote.
Once everyone votes, you reveal the tiles. Everyone who voted correctly moves ahead one or three spaces on the scoring track, and the questioner moves ahead one space for each person who voted incorrectly. If you pass a certain space on the scoring track, you retrieve your 3x token (if you've used it). Since you can ask a question only of those with a token in front of them, everyone is asked roughly the same number of questions, and whoever has the most points after a certain number of rounds wins." #boardgamegeek
‴ The game bases on a great idea which tests and expands your knowledge of the other players. It's super easy and fun and the design is beautiful. Oh, and SQUIRRELS.
‡ Although there are plenty of cards and infinite card combinations, after playing it a lot of times with the same people, you might start to know some of the choice options by heart.
All in all, a super great party game which I have especially enjoyed playing with my family! Vlaada never ceases to surprise us 😊
#ardillaludopata #boardgame #boardgamegeek #boardgames #boardgaming #tabletopgaming #game #games #tabletop #tabletopgame #juegos #juegosdemesa

Β‘Volvemos con nuestra obra de teatro #Capullosquevuelan en el #TeatroLara en #Madrid ! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Venid a vernos, estaremos todos los MARTES A LAS 20.15 DESDE EL 22 MARZO AL 22 MAYO.
Gracias a @tazodemew y por supuesto a @merytastica @quiquecerv @ikerazkoitia @cristina.garciad y a
@serieteatro @teatrolara @matyssa @marga.isern @celianacimiento 😍

Drag queens VS zombies!! Can a board game theme get any better than this? πŸ˜‚
Check out the @killereyelashes kickstarter campaign and the awesome illustrations made by my friend @mavekkart 😊 +get your own copy! πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
In #killereyelashes [2-6πŸ‘₯ / 45-60⏳], the world has been infected by a make-up virus, which turns everyone into make-up zombies! Because of their own super-thick make-up, drag queens have not only survived the virus, but have acquired superpowers!
Use those powers and find weapons to save survivors and make them your fans. Complete missions and finish off divas like zombie BegoncΓ© or zombie Lady Caca to become the most glamorous fighting diva of them all!
And of course: catfighting or stealing from your sister queens is going to help you survive: throw shade, put on lipgloss and turn on your chainsaw!
‴ The cool illustrations and theme. The game is quite fast-paced and bases on a fun "take that!" feeling which will make you want to throw shade on the real friends you are playing with. If you like Munchkin and drag queens, this is your game.
‡ If you have played take-that! card games, you will not be surprised my the mechanics.
#ardillaludopata #boardgame #boardgamegeek #boardgames #boardgaming #tabletopgaming #game #games #tabletop #tabletopgame #juegos #juegosdemesa

This is #notwrong πŸ’„
πŸ’ͺ I encourage all of you to upload a picture wearing something not traditionally related to your gender and use the hashtag #notwrong if you can! β—Ύ Let's show Instagram that it is NOT WRONG to free ourselves from the established gender rules, regardless of our genders or sexual orientations. We are in the 21st century for f*ck's sake!! This doesn't mean that it is something you do normally, it means you wouldn't care if it was!
Just be whoever you want to be and wear whatever you want to wear, let's keep an open mind and not judge others for being themselves.
Love out! πŸ’•
#notwrong #clotheshavenogender #notacostume #freedom #beyourself
πŸ“Έ @shinnyshadow

Don't be on the wrong side of history.
#crossdressing #skirt #trousers #wrong #side #history #sketch #female #male

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