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The only way I knew how to absorb the weight of this instant was to strip down and begin frolicking in the brush. I never feel more connected with both myself and Earth other than in moments like this. Anything that had the potential to guide me away from the present evaporated with the morning dew. In other words - happy girl 🐒

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Found this beautiful boutique hotel for shelter after dancing in the rain throughout the pulsating streets. I could not stop smiling while there - the magic envelops you. NOLA is a seductress and I’m still beyond smitten.

I thought my love for Paris ruined me. No other city in this world, let alone in the continental US, could embody passion and magic similar to the ways of the City of Light. New Orleans proved me wrong 100x over - from the moment I stepped into the French quarter, I was overwhelmed with tears. This city is so alive, the energy and culture runs deep, pulsing through the veins of the earth; such buoyancy courses through your body the moment you step upon these streets. It is an absolute sensory overload between the architecture, food, stories hiding around every corner, and people who live there. So many colors, so many walks of life. Ugh! It’s a fairytale - one that exists beyond the pages of any storybook. Everything is tangible here. •

Gypsy! Give me your tears!

Got this storm in my head keeping me sane •

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It’s New Year’s Day and it’s a super moon?! 💥🌕 It’s as if we don’t even have to try.
Sending lots of love and positive energy to all as we embark on our first steps into 2018. Let the hunger games of New Year’s resolutions begin!!! •
Here’s to eating many more baguettes in Paris this coming year with @al3xandra_zoe!

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Wishing everybody a very happy solar new year! This is a time of renewal. We are standing at the convergence of death of one cycle and the birth of another. Cleanse yourself of all you want to shed from this past year, both physically and spiritually, and restore your essence with all that you want to harness and become. Let go of fear and ill thoughts/emotions. Garner your strength for the battles to come. We are ferocious beings as we move forward. We are the storms in the night. We are beyond what we can just possibly imagine. So reach for it ALL and watch what you become during this next trip around the sun.


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