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Arden Cotoulas 🍃  I just want my life to be as random as a perfume commercial LA

When yiddish grandmas say “schmattas” they’re imagining this dress.

“I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me.” #virginawoolf

Hope you all pass out in food comas today - good luck out there, soldiers

A word to the wise: when in Miami dress in layers. My belt is currently in my purse

When your pants are in the dryer

Growing tired seeing all over social media the exaggerated stereotype of people getting excited over autumn. Somehow the “superficial” fawning over foliage and everything pumpkin spice has morphed into its own subculture where people can’t appreciate the change of season without being labeled into a category equated to the similar shallow awkwardness as the almighty safe “weather conversation.”

The change of season is something to be grateful for; time, growth and death of one thing, the birth of another. Important to keep these things in mind as our country embarks into the next chapter of its story. There has been so much tragedy unfolding- some may feel as the fuse that was lit sometime ago has been rolling into a fireball (pun intended) which flames are seemingly ever impossible to extinguish. •

Change is possible. Growth and harvest is possible.
The change of season was one of the very first things civilizations saw and recognized in the power of the elements that surrounded them. And when they realized it was futile to try to control nature, was when they became stronger; they found that by working with nature they could thrive.

Appreciate autumn, celebrate autumn. Other than the pretty colors, comforting aromas, and delicious squash, there is a gift within it that we are able to find within ourselves. •

Yesterday was perfect, full of carbs; love, and lots of Neil Young - seriously, what else can I ask for? Here’s to another beautiful year of growth, connection and success. Sending light to all. ✨

Getting mushy on mountain tops

New moon practices

• **This technique was not acquired by burning sage**

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