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Arctic Paper  We are a paper group with a dedicated passion for making superior graphic fine paper for demanding fine paper users #arcticpaper 👈🏼

#flashbackfriday and another #paperpassionbyarcticpaper creator is to be highlighted ✨ This is one of the first interviews we did, back in 2016 🔙 With the amazing typographer Jonathan Faust (@jonathanfaust) from Denmark 🇩🇰 If you’ve missed it, you’re in for a treat (and if you already read it, it’s worth reading again 🖋). Photo: @jonathanfaust Follow link in bio 🔝⭐️

#flashbackfriday 🔙 We want to highlight our #paperpassionbyarcticpaper star @vilija_art again ✨ She transforms bodies into vibrant and colorful art constellations. Her expression is a combination of dance, paper art, photography and body paint. Follow link in bio - to read more about Vilja and her art process ⭐️

#fbf. This summer we want to highlight some of the fantastic creators we have portrayed in #paperpassionbyarcticpaper throughout the years.🔙
Let’s start with the amazing couple from Denmark - Maria and Martin, and their lifestyle concept Foto Factory. They create photographs with a wistful and dreamy expression. Follow link in bio to read more about their incredible work.📸✨ Photo by: Charlotte de la Fuente

Konrad Olsson from Sweden is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine . With it’s 244 pages of men’s fashion rooted in Scandinavian trends and values, it is a substantial and very inspirational piece. Meet him in #paperpassionbyarcticpaper, where he talks about the dream of having his own magazine and the making of an unusual platform for the ”new masculinity” 🌟
Photo by: @siggigram 📸
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Some may say that the era of the glossy magazine is over and out - but, in somehow, it still pops up new, exciting magazines everywhere, printed on the most beautiful uncoated paper ✨ Tomorrow’s creator in #paperpassionbyarcticpaper knows how it is to release a printed piece in a most digital time. Stay tuned!

Photo by: Sigrid Malmsten 📸
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Meet Bodil and My! The two architects from Gothenburg who are challenging paper as a construction material - and has managed to build prototypes of a sauna, entirely made out of paper 💪🏼🛠 Follow link in bio for the whole interview #paperpassionbyarcticpaper 🔝✨ Photo by: Lisa Brunzell 📸 @brunzellisa

Take a minute and think of the craziest thing you’ve ever seen created in or on paper. Hold that thought until tomorrow, maybe you will think differently when you hear about the project our next creators in #paperpassionbyarcticpaper have made✨🔥 Photo by: Lisa Brunzell 📸 @brunzellisa
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Henrik Nygren is the founder of the Swedish design agency Henrik Nygren Design. They’ve had commissions for MoMa in New York and IKEA, and won prestigious prizes and nominations. In #paperpassionbyarcticpaper Henrik talks about his relationship with paper, the love for Gotland and his unforgettable meeting with the legendary graphic designer Paul Rand ✨ Follow link in bio for the whole interview 🔝 Photo by: @margaretabloom 📸

A big hello from the team behind Paper Passion! We didn't win at yesterdays Swedish Content Awards but the biggest reward of them all is all the amazing support and feedback we get from all of you and all the great paper artist we've had the honour to interview! A big thank you to you all! You are the best! ✨#swedishcontentawards #paperpassionbyarcticpaper #arcticpaper

”Paper, and other materials that can convey a certain feeling and add value to the original idea, is important to me” are the words of our next creator portrayed in #paperpassionbyarcticpaper. You don’t want to miss this one! ✨

Photo by: Margareta Bloom Sandebäck📸

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Keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🏻This evening the winner of the Swedish Content Awards will be announced and we are nominated with our Paper Passion blog! ✨ @swecontent @mynewsdesk #arcticpaper #paperpassionbyarcticpaper #paper #awards #swedishcontentawards #paperlove #creativity #inspiration #blog

#Repost about the importance of paper! By: 👉🏼@jedidjasamyn
I believe that you set an atmosphere with paper, that paper is a really important link to tell a story…
That’s why I enjoy choosing paper for a project so much! Through different paper samples I’m looking for the right paper for a specific project. Sometimes this is an easy and quick proces, sometimes it takes some more time and even some overnight thought. Today I was searching for the right paper for an upcoming bookproject. It had to be a bit rough, but not too yellowish to fit the concept of this project. I made a shortlist and ordered some bigger paper samples to really feel en see how it will work out…
Ik geloof dat je met papier een sfeer kan maken of breken, papier is een belangrijke schakel in het vertellen van een verhaal… Dat is waarom ik er zo van hou om papier te kiezen! Ik blader door verschillende soorten stalen op zoek naar het juiste papier voor een specifiek project. Soms is de keuze heel snel gemaakt en klopt het allemaal direct. Soms duurt het wat langer of moet ik er zelfs een nacht over slapen. Vandaag zocht ik naar het juiste papier voor een aankomend boekproject. Het moest wat ruw zijn, maar niet tè geel om echt binnen het concept van dit project te passen. Ik maakte een kleine selectie en bestelde nog wat grotere stalen om echt te voelen en te ervaren of het papier passend is…
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